Feral Debris, "Issue Two"

This photocopied and folded A4 zine comes with a free eight track CD-R Feral Debris Vol. 2, which is pretty essential if you give a damn about knowing your up-and-comers. The pieces by Throurouf, Robedoor and Blue Sabbath Black Cheer are particularly incredible, and rank up there with their strongest materal to date, exclusive to this release as far as I can tell.


Feral Debris

I wasn't quick enough to catch Issue One, but I've got a feeling that its cover wasn’t as unpleasant as the Denis Tyfus drawing that adorns this issue's front; a gruesomly deformed figure lying broken in his/its own vomit.

This issue seems to have a prevailing horror/Frankenstein theme (not really sure why), the little horror makeup ads bringing back memories of old DC comics that used to be littered with this stuff. The main focus though is the interviews, going from an international mover and shaker like the No Fun Festival’s Carlos Giffoni to a UK head wrecker like Kylie Minoise via Gary Wilson. The brief Jad Fair piece shows that emailing musicians with a couple of questions can really pay off, reeks of fandom in the best possible way.

The reviews are excellent, personal and conversational, and thankfully centring on the UK and US underground and independent scene, giving CD-Rs and cassettes by Culver and Magik Markers some sound praise. Thankfully there’s no rambling cut-up zine poetry, and the one-shot-and-gone humour prevalent in the land of zine is kept to an absolute minimum. Roll on Issue Three.