Ici d'ailleurs reissues Matt Elliott's last 3 albums in "Songs", a deluxe box containing 7 vinyls including one with 7 unreleased Failed Songs.

Matt Elliott "Songs" artwork

 4 colors printed hard box containing
- 7 clear vinyl 12" in black printed brown cardboard sleeve
- a MP3 download ticket

The reissue is also available in a low price CD box set. And for those who already owns one of it, the vinyls and Failed Songs are or will be available separatly on our websites.

> preorders opened on our online shop
Matt Elliott "Live @ Le Grand Mix" DVD offered
The vinyl box will be signed by Matt Elliott!

Failed Songs
unreleased tracks from last 3 albums recording sessions
01. Mellow 02. Eulogy For Liam 03. Melange 04. South Canadian Sea 05. Song To Child 06. Lament 07. Wedding Song

Howling songs [Brainwashed review ]
01. The Kübler-Ross model 02. Something about ghosts 03. How much in blood ? 04. A broken flamenco 05. Berlin & Bisenthal 06. I name this ship the tragedy, bless her & all who sail with her 07. The howling song 08. Song for a failed relationship 09. Bomb the stock exchange

Failing songs [Brainwashed review ]
01. Our weight in oil 02. Chains 03. The seance 04. The failing song 05. Broken bones 06. Desamparado 07. Lone gunman required 08. Good pawn 09. Compassion fatigue 10. The ghost of Maria Callas 11. Gone 12. Planting seeds

Drinking songs [Brainwashed review ]
01. C. F. Bundy 02. Truying to explain 03. The guilty party 04. Whats wrong ? 05. The Kursk 06. What the fuck am I doing on this battlefield 07. A waste of blood 08. The maid we messed