Nadja / Atavist / Satori Artist: Nadja / Atavist / Satori
Title: Infernal Procession... And Then Everything Dies
Catalogue No: CSR111CD
Barcode: None
Format: CD in 6-panel sleeve
Genre: Shoegaze / Drone / Doom / Fortean Electronics / Dark Ambient
Shipping: 27 November 2008

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Split release from Canadian Shoegaze / Droners Nadja (Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff), Manchester Doomers Atavist and UK Fortean Electronics / Dark Ambient act Satori.

Released to coincide with their UK joint tour.

Ltd x 1000 copies in a 6-panel outsized sleeve.

Tracks: 1. Nadja - 'Time Is Our Disease' | 2. Atavist - 'Certitude' | 3. Satori - 'Abyss'

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