Oyster by Personable.  Vinyl LP.

"Opal Tapes’ Black Opal series juice four cuts of glistening technoid synth music by M. Geddes Gengras in Personable mode, some years since he helped start up the label with Alternate/Other and a split with Dwellings & Druss.

It’s techno-not-techno, effectively, putting an intricately idiosyncratic side-spin on established tropes with whirring hyper-shuffle technique in "Gambetti," and a colourful, nervy electro style recalling Gifted & Blessed in "Window."

The record’s longest cut, "Oyster" spreads out farther with exponentially sprawling delays applied to a tangy techno throb, before reining it the groove and expanding the spatial dimensions with an etheric ambient techno oddity, "Cormorant.""

-via Boomkat

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