On October 9, 2007 Robert Wyatt is to release his new album and first for Domino. 

Comicopera, the 16 track album, will be available on both CD and double vinyl formats. It was produced by Robert himself, and recorded at his home in Louth as well as Phil Manzanera's Gallery Studio.
Comicopera is divided into three Acts: 'Lost in Noise,' 'The Here and The Now,' and 'Away with the Fairies' and is initially more diverse and live sounding than its predecessor Cuckooland.
Featuring a host of musicians including Brian EnoPaul Weller and Phil Manzanera, Robert says he was keen for the album to capture the sound of a group of musicians playing in the room together, but more importantly to have friends playing together. "Music isn't just an abstract pleasure, it is a company, when you play a record. Why I like Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus, the Big Bands - is because every character in the band is identifiable as that person - there's this group of humans in a room" he says. It is this that gives Comicopera a sense of spontaneity, despite it's deliberate pacing and construction as something of a three Act 'Opera'.
Act One: Lost In Noise
 1 Stay Tunes
 2 Just As You Are
 3 You You
 4 A.W.O.L.
 5 Anachronist
Act Two: The Here and The Now
 6 A Beautiful Peace
 7 Be Serious
 8 On The Town Square
 9 Mob Rule
 10 A Beautiful War
 11 Out of The Blue
Act Three: Away With The Fairies
 12 Del Mondo
 13 Cancion de Julieta
 14 Pastafari
 15 Fragment
 16 Hasta Siempre