artist: Strategy
title: Future Rock
catalog #: krank108
formats available: CD   
upc ode: 7 96441 81082 6
release date: May 21, 2007

content: Three years have passed since Drumsolo's Delight, and Strategy finally comes forward with a new full-length. His third album to date, Future Rock focuses Strategy's diverse interests into a single point, while still drawing directly from the dense, shimmering sonic language established on Delight.
Based on a refined studio process that incorporates multi-tracked live instrumentation, archaic synthesizer equipment, archived recordings of improvisations and band practices, digital sound design, and sound of non-musical origin, the album is a polyglot solution of genres. Musical quotations, discrete sonic jokes, and skewed musicological impressions are blended into a dream-like, impressionistic musical composite which confounds and compounds music's past, present, and future. A gauzy, vibrating curtain of sound, much like the one that made Drumsolo's so distinctive, ties together all the songs as do the signature Wurlitzer electric piano and old-school spring reverb.

Incorporating compositions that have taken years to develop, a handful of close collaborators (including his cohorts from the band Nudge), and using source material that dates as far back as 2000, Future Rock is easily Strategy's most complex, narrative, ambitious and overtly "pop" record to date; as well, it's practically a thesis statement for his vision of a genre-free musical world. To date you've heard Strategy dabble in everything from headphone-oriented ambient music to house and dub; this is the work that brings it all together.

context: This is Paul Dickow's second full length for kranky and third as Strategy. He is extremely busy running the Community Library label, which will be releasing a 12" version of this album's title track, while also collaborating in the trio Nudge, and recording and performing solo work.
track listing: 1. Can't Roll Back  2. Future Rock  3. Running On Empty  4. Windswept (Interlude) 5. Stops Spinning  6. Phantom Powered  7. Sunfall (Interlude)  8. Red Screen  9. I Have To Do This Thing (Fantastic Planet Mix)


'...the unexpected musical aphrodesiac of the year.'  mundane sound

" much a delight as it is a cipher.'  all music guide

"humid deep-dub-house-punk-disco jams."  boomkat