Sutcliffe Jügend / Satori - 'Japan Tour 2007' CD


Title: Japan Tour 2007
Catalogue No: CSR83CD
Format: CD in PVC sleeve with 2 artcards
Genre: Power Electronics / Death Industrial
Shipping: 3rd May 2007

Split release from these two British acts for their Japanese Tour in April 2007.

After "THIS IS THE TRUTH" Sutcliffe Jügend continue to fuck with your brain. This time with a twenty eight minute diatribe against those who choose the path of least resistance, and suggest not only that they face their demons but embrace them. Are they questioning the listener or holding up a mirror and not liking what they see? Sutcliffe Jügend continue to explore and understand the human condition with more depth and clarity of vision than a hundred singer/songwriters. A collage at turns ambient, experimental and explosive, they leave the listener thinking where next and more importantly - who is next in the line of fire.

Satori arises with its first official release after 12 years of silence. 3 tracks of prime Fortean Electronics and Death Sonics, exploring the Noise side of Satori. Inspired by the Ringu trilogy, these tracks probe the hidden world of dead channel transmissions and unseen realms of the ether. This is the precursor to the Dark Ambient full-length album "KANASHIBARI", to be released on Dogma Chase Records / Molehill, Japan in 2007.

Limited to 500 copies only with all-exclusive studio tracks.

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