Ground Fault Recordings and Hospital Producitons would like to announce the upcoming release of "This Is The Truth", the first Sutcliffe Jugend studio album in eight years. "This Is The Truth" quite possibly stands as one of the most original and perfectly balanced noise compositions of the last 10 years. It references and uses classic Sutcliffe Jugend of old while bringing in an entirely unique and fresh element one does not hear in noise. This album is a brilliant blend of foreboding tension, and anxiety while using the most lively, disturbing, and textual elements of noise. All of which are brought together with the phenomenal detail and balance of an accomplished electronic composer. Songs that you think will explode leave you hanging with tension, while others erupt with violence out of nowhere. It's an absolutely brilliant album that was worth the wait.

The CD version is scheduled for a February release. A 2xLP version is scheduled for a March/April release. The vinyl version has 2 extra tracks as well as a different mix of the title track."