It was January 1996 on the Carribean coast of Honduras. The musician in question was looking to catch a ride with a local vessel to the neighboring islands. There was one shrimping vessel in port that day, and its captain Jimmy willing to take disheveled hippies on board. He spoke some fragmented english, the boat set sail that evening. This album is dedicated to the idea of Jimmy the high-wire shrimper. Misplaced nautical charts, trade winds, shortwave miscommunication, midnight whispers, amorxxx.

Alien8 Recordings is reissuing Radio Amor, originally released on Mille Plateaux in 2002, in order to maintain the availability of the work of one of our label's most important artists. The recording has been out of print for two years now, out of grasp of Hecker's growing legions of admirers. Hecker is still basking in the universally glowing reception of this year's "Harmony in Ultraviolet" on Kranky (Score 8.7 / Best New Music on Pitchfork), the follow-up to 2004's "Mirages" on Alien8 Recordings.

Radio Amor is a key release in Hecker's discography, bridging his output between our "Haunt Me" (2001) and "My Love is Rotten to the Core" (EP, 2002) releases and 2004's "Mirages". "Radio Amor is a brilliant soundtrack for daydreaming, and Tim Hecker's effective variations on a few central ideas once again show a gifted composer at work." - Pitchforkmedia

Release date: January 23, 2007

Label: Alien8 Recordings