Wrnlrd  Oneiromantical War                                                               
FSS001  180 gram Ltd. Ed. LP / MP3 album
UPC:  890436001517
Release Date:  May 27, 2008

  It is an honor to inaugurate the FSS label with the sixth album by the supremely cryptic, singular black metal entity Wrnlrd.  Beginning with the self-released Mask of Hate under its Order of the Cloven Eye banner in 2005, Wrnlrd has bent black metal to its will.  Working with guitar, bass, fiddle, banjo, synths and samples; Wrnlrd throws metal, industrial,  noise, dark ambient and folk musics into a blackened and bubbling cauldron.  A potent stew indeed.
  Wrnlrd records spontaneous, wordless vocalizations and details the lyrics later, improvises massed guitar tones, buries samples deep into the mix and brings the disruptive and unpredictable elements of improvisation and chance into recording.  Wrnlrd albums have referenced the science fiction novels of Cordwainer Smith, surrealism, automatic writing and the arcana of Washington DC.  Oneiromantical War  is a trudge through tangled thickets of sound.  The album was mastered by Bob Weston and will be available in a limited edition of 500 LPs on 180 gram vinyl with a gatefold sleeve.
  Wrnlrd can be pronounced any way you like.  I prefer “wern-lerd”. Oneiromancy is a system of dream interpretation that uses dreams to predict the future.

Mask of Hate CD  [Order of the Cloven Eye] 2005
Mdlthr  CD  [Order of the Cloven Eye]  200600
In From the Night Herd  CD  [Order of the Cloven Eye]  2007
Cperadt  CD  [Small Sacrifice]  2007
Pentagon  CD  [Order of the Cloven Eye]  2008
“Oneiromatical War” on Varous Artists  Drone Season III  CD  [Brise-Cul]  2007
Wrnlrd-Bauer  Avulsion  3 inch CDR  [Brise-Cul]  2007

 ..this project is truly reaching the point where its material is more aligned with black metal through texture and atmosphere than anything else …aside from the instances of raw, straightforward speeds, you'll be hard pressed to pick out many riffs or influences at work within this album that could be classified as based around the traditional roots or riffing styles of the genre, and that's a great characteristic to achieve, really. Curious work, indeed.  Blodarstid  April 9, 2007
Wrnlrd has managed to create a claustrophobic and all-consuming album the likes of which will be hard to better… Dave Wait   Vampire Magazine  June 23, 2007

Its production is absolutely filthy, but in a good way, retaining low end even while its midrange sprouts hairy palms.... But the album is enjoyable not in spite of, but because of its dirt.  Cosmo Lee Invisible Oranges August 28, 2007

The sound is so thick and gnarled, the riffs so distorted they seem to exist in a churning sonic morass, the guitars and vocals constantly on the verge of crumbling to pieces, the sound so blown out, the drums are barely audible…but that drumless feel only adds to the organic sound … this epic heaving cloud of black swirling sonic mayhem, slowly and systematically engulfing everything in its path. …it's all about the gorgeous wall of sound this guy can produce, managing to sound utterly frosty and grim, but also epic and majestic, woozy, drone-y, druggy and utterly and terrifyingly black.  Aquarius Records  Feb. 22, 2008