Conrad SchnitzlerIt is with great sadness that Brainwashed recognizes the passing of Conrad Schnitzler, 74, on August 4th of complications from stomach cancer.  Schnitzler was an early member of Tangerine Dream and Kluster, as well as a pioneer in the realm of electronic composition.

While he was only a member of those two projects for a brief time, his impact upon both defined their sound, pushing them to experiment with unconventional sounds and compositional strategies, leading them down roads they likely would not have discovered.  His work with Tangerine Dream, like Ashes to Ashes, remain amongst their best loved compositions.

After his departure from Kluster in 1971, he became a prolific solo artist, crafting a sprawling discography through the years, many of which were self-released by Schnitzler himself.  Any cursory glance at the modern experimental and noise scene shows that trend of self-publishing was followed by many, continuing into today's digital delivery systems.

This trend continued to the present day, with Schnitzler continuing to produce CDRs from his home in Germany, as well as releasing three collaborative albums this year alone.  His final work was completed just four days before his death.

His legacy in the world of electronic music will not be soon forgotten.  While he might not have been a household name, his influence is undeniable and his presence and contributions to music will be missed by all.