It's somewhat unusual that Brainwashed would mention the passing of a figure that people don't come to to read about, but I wanted to share my thoughts and condolences. Not just about the singer whose music influenced a whole host of electronic related genres who have been featured here on this site, but as the person I met and had as a client once.


During the early 2000s, following the big dot-com crash, I was working part time as a limo driver while working half time at a university as a Web programmer and teaching two courses at another college. Donna and her husband by chance ended up in my limo, and I drove them to her sister's house in a suburban town just south of Boston.

She actually initiated conversation with me, was very friendly, invited me to join them for food when we got there, and tipped quite well. Most celebrities I met at the time were a bunch of jerks, to be honest.

I told her how important I thought her music was to a lot of genres I was listening to and how I had her records when I was much younger. I know I gushed at one point about how influential "I Feel Love" was in itself. She was appreciative, generous, genuine, pleasant, and left an impression on me as a truly awesome person.