Uwe Nettelbeck died on the 17th January 2007. As well as being a journalist, he also founded the legendary Faust in 1968, a year that marked the beginning of Germany's musical revolution and a decade of terrorism. Our heartfelt condolences are offered to his friends and family.


Nettelbeck was right in the middle of it all. With Faust he produced the music, designed the album covers, including that iconic X-rayed fist raised in revolt, contributing to the overall Faust experience. Nettelbeck and Faust have been a huge influence on every generation of musicians that have followed, especially many of those hosted here on Brainwashed.

Jean-Hervé Péron posted the following message yesterday on his website, Art-Errorist:

" Uwe Nettelbeck died on january 17th.
besides being a sharp-witted but yet charming and loving husband/father/grandfather, he was an outstanding cook, a writer who always generated deep emotions and interest and a genius selfless music producer.
i thank you uwe for all you have done for our music. Faust is your work, no doubt.
Your work will outlast all of us.
may your soul rest in peace.
my sincere sympathy goes to petra, anouchka, sandra, elisha and elsa."

Further information about Nettelbeck and his work with Faust can be found at the Faust Pages site.