Richard Zvonar, the composer and innovator of electronic music, died this August 3, 2005. Richard worked with me on Wild Women with Steakknives, Eyes Without Blood, Tragouthia apo to to Aima Exoun Fonos, and Panoptikon, which we were planning on
redoing this year.

All of his family, friends and collaborators have been heartbroken at his passing. Richard had been seriously ill with cancer many years ago, but his friends thought it would not return, and certainly not within a fifteen year period.

I learned from a good friend of Richard's only a week before he died that he was mortally ill and I am grateful to that friend for letting me know so that we could have one last conversation on the phone. True to his spirit, Richard said to me, "Listen, Diamanda, if I get over this thing, would you give me your number? We want to get that remix done."  He sounded extremely frail, and a couple of days afterwards he lost the ability to speak.

I have been extremely shaken by his death; it is a time of the year that brings me great sadness in general, since my own brother's death was on the 12th of August in 1986.

I would like to say that it was a tremendous honor for me that I had the opportunity to work with him and I am devastated that it will not be possible again. We  had been writing over the last years about redoing certain works we had recorded.

 Moreover, I am overwhelmed that this superlative and generous artist will not be heard from again, since he contributed so richly  to  music both as a composer, and as a collaborator work, and all work that has been documented of his will be greatly appreciated. 

Within the next few days I will put on the site a contact for this  information.

 With much sadness,

 Diamanda Galas

Donations to innovative musical work may be made in Richard's name to the following organisation, which he supported:

American Composers Forum
P.O. Box 29217
Los Angeles, CA 90029-0217