Amps For Christ - The People At Large CD/LP (Kill Rock Stars, US)
John Beltran - In Full Color CD/LP (Ubiquity, US)
Birchville Cat Motel - With Maples Ablaze CD (Scarcelight, US)
Blue Orchids - Mystic Bud CD (LTM, UK)
Claro Intelecto - Section 12" (Ai, UK)
Din-ST - Yamu D'din CD/2xLP (Schematic, US)
Encre - Flux CD/LP (Clapping Music, France)
Greyboy - Gotta Be Your Love/Sun-Rays 12" [with Quantic, Sharon Jones, Ricci Rucker and D-Styles] (Ubiquity, US)
Icon of Coil - Machines Are Us CD (Metropolis, US/Out Of Line, Germany)
Interstellar - ToSleepToDreamToWake CD (Plan 11, Canada)
Jaga Jazzist - Day 12"/CDEP [remix by Matthew Herbert and DAT Politics] (Ninja Tune, UK)
Junior Boys - High Come Down 12" [with Manitoba remix] (KIN, UK)
The Kat Cosm - Knightboat CD/LP [with remixes by Leafcutter John, tenEcke and Mondomarc] (KlangKrieg, Germany)
Mokira [Andreas Tilliander] - Album CD/LP (Type, UK)
The Mutts - Missing My Devil 7" (Fat Cat, UK)
Nostalgia 77 - Songs for My Funeral CD/LP (Tru Thoughts, UK)
Orphx - Circuitbreaking CD/LP (Hymen, Germany)
Party Of One - Snap You Like a Twig 7" (Fat Cat, UK)
Preston School of Industry - Monsoon CD/LP (Domino, UK/Matador, US)
* Unto Ashes - Empty Into White CD [reissue with new tracks] (Kalinkaland, Germany)
Velvet Acid Christ - Between The Eyes Volume 1 CD (Metropolis, US)
* Was (Not Was) - Tell Me That I'm Dreaming 12" [reissue] (Ze, France)
* Was (Not Was) - Out Come The Freaks 12" [reissue] (Ze, France)
Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles CD/LP (5 Rue Christine, US)