Air - Cherry Blossom Girl 12"/CDEP (Astralwerks, US)
AM and the UV - t.b.a. CD (Beatservice, Norway)
ANP - Absolute Null Punkt CD (Important, US)
Federico Aubele - Gran Hotel Buenos Aires CD/LP (ESL Music, US)
Karl Bartos - I'm The Message 12" (Home, UK)
BioChemical Dread [Richard H. Kirk] - False Kings of the Earth 12" (Pulsolid, US/Canada)
Blonde Redhead - Elephant Woman 7"/CDEP (4AD, UK)
Claro Intelecto - Section 12" (Ai, UK)
controller.controller - History CD (Paper Bag, Canada)
Current 93 - Halo: Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall CD (Durtro, UK)
Datach'i - Mmale And Ffemale CD (Planet µ, UK)
Roy Davis Jr. - Moving Up 12" (nice+smooth, Canada)
Earthmonkey - Audiosapien 2xLP [first 1000 copies include Earthmonkey vs. Nurse With Wound bonus LP] (Beta-lactam Ring, US)
Encre - Flux CD/LP (Clapping Music, France)
Etro Anime - See The Sound CD (Neurodisc/Capitol, US)
* John Fahey - Hitomi 2xLP [previously available on CD] (Important, US)
Flashbulb - Red Extensions Of Me CD (Sublight, Canada)
Alan Glen - Stone Fox Chase 7" (Soundboy/On-U Sound, UK)
God Module - Artificial 2.0 2xCD [reissue of the band's first album with a bonus disc of remixes & rarities] (Out Of Line, Germany)
Hauschka - Substantial CD/LP (Karaoke Kalk, Germany)
The Holy Kiss - Rising 2x7" (GSL, US)
Joshua Treble - Five Points Fincastle CD (Intr_Version, Canada
Kill Me Tomorrow - The Garbageman and the Prostitute CD/LP (GSL, US)
Lapsed - Twilight CD (Ad Noiseam, Germany)
Liars - They Were Wrong, So We Drowned CD/LP (Mute, UK/US)
* Luomo - The Present Lover CD (Kinetic, US)
Mando Diao - Paralyzed CDEP (Mute, US)
Many Fingers - Many Fingers CD/LP (Moteer, UK)
Merzbow - Last of Analog Sessions 3xCD (Important, US)
Mutant Hi-Fi - Attack Of The 50Ft Mutant Hi-Fi 7" (Soundboy/On-U Sound, UK)
Shara Nelson - Nobody Else 10" (Soundboy/On-U Sound, UK)
Nitrada - We Don't Know Why But We Do It CD/LP (2.nd Rec, Germany)
The Outernationalists - Ethnomixicology CD (Six Degrees, US)
* Picastro - Red Your Blues CD (Monotreme, UK)
Proem - liveMD[cd?] CD (n5MD, US)
PSAPP - Buttons & War 12" [with ISAN mix] (Arable, UK)
Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks CD (Fat Cat, UK)
Space Machine - 3 CD (Important, US)
Speedy J/Literon - Collabs 200 12" (NovaMute, UK)
Subtitle & Omid/Free Moral Agents - split 12" (GSL, US)
Un Caddie Renverse dans l'Herbe - Like a packed cupboard but quite... CD/LP (Dekorder, Germany)
Various - 2xCD (Astralwerks, US)
Various - MD8 CD (n5MD, US)
Various - Slonice EP 12" (nice+smooth, Canada)
Various - Tracks for Horses CD (Melodic, UK)
Vauxhall 44 - sub-I CD (Inflatabl, US)
Zero 7 - Home 12"/CDEP (Ultimate Dilemma, UK)
Zongamin & Black Strobe - split 12" (Kitsune, UK)