New releases this week from Chriss Sutherland, Carter Tutti, Text of Light, Steve Bug and Afrirampo. On the seven-inch side of things we've got one each from Plastikman and Matt Valentine, three from Morr Music's "Numbers of Small Things" imprint, and this month's installment of Robert Pollard's 7" subscription series. Reissues include albums from Bohren & Der Club of Gore, The Hitmen, Ananda Shankar, and 3/3.

Afrirampo, "Suuto Breakor" (P-Vine) CD
Tony Allen, "Hypnotic Brass Ensemble/Salah Ragab Reworks" (Honest Jon's Records) 12"
Luca Bacchetti, "Like A Sadhu EP" (Wagon Repair) 12"
Art Bleek, "Mind in Motion" (Resopal Red) 12"
*Lynn Blessing, "Sunset Painter" (Fallout) CD
Biohazard, "Live In San Francisco" (2B1) CD
Black Motor, "S/T" (Qbico) LP
*Bohren & Der Club of Gore, "Sunset Mission" (Wonder) CD
Boris Morgana, "Liquid Child" (Qbico) LP
Steve Bug, "A World Without Cru Sauvage" (Poker Flat) 12"
Butcher the Bar, "Get Away/Leave Town" (A Number of Small Things) 7"
Candlesnuffer, "Wakool" (Room40) CD
Carter Tutti, "Feral Vapours of the Silver Either" (Divine Frequency) CD
Nick Chacona, "Eagle City" (Internasjonal) 12"
Chordian, "Closed Eyes" (Soniculture) 12"
Joaquin "Joe" Claussell, "Un.Chained Rhythums Pt. I" (Sacred Rhythm) CD
Joaquin "Joe" Claussell, "Un.Chained Rhythums Pt. II" (Sacred Rhythm) CD
Cobblestone Jazz, "23 Seconds" (Wagon Repair) 3xLP
*Dennis Coffey & Luchi de Jesus, "Black Belt Jones OST" (Weintraub-Heller) LP
Curia, "S/T" (Feral Museum) CD
Dee Jay Cocoe, "Webale EP" (Immigrant) 12"
Der Schmeisser feat. Jonny & Der Tietz, "Francis EP" (Einmaleins) 12"
Ernie K. Doe, "Here Come The Girls" (Soul Jazz) 12"
Donk Boys, "Jacula EP" (Plak) 12"
Kim Doo Soo, "10 Days Butterfly" (PSF) CD
Marko Furstenberg, "Cocktail Royale" (Rotary Cocktail) 12"
Gendai Sokkyo, "S/T" (PSF) CD
*Peter Grudzien, "The Unicorn/The Garden of Love" (Subliminal Sounds) 2xLP
Gummihz, "Mind Games" (Mobilee) 12"
*The Habibiyya, "If Man But Knew" (Sunbeam) CD
*The Hitmen, "S/T" (Savage Beat) 2xCD
*The Hitmen, "It Is What It Is" (Savage Beat) 2xCD
*The Human Beast, "Volume One" (Sunbeam) CD
Jaumetic, "Maldito Cometa Maniático" (Regular) 12"
Jenn, "Pleasure For The Girls" (Karateklub) 12"
Juju, "A Message From Mozambique" (Black Fire) LP
Juju & Jordash, "Time Slip" (Real Soon) 12"
Papol Kasper & Jorge Savoretti, "Magic Keys EP" (Esperanza) 12"
Les Rallizes Denudes, "Live @ Kenjougakuen University: October 30, 1976" (Iguitas) CD
Les Rallizes Denudes, "Are You Rallizesed?" (Iguitas) 2xCD
*Les Rallizes Denudes, "Le Festival de Fleur Complet" (Iguitas) CD
Les Rallizes Denudes, "Eve Night: 1983" (Iguitas) 2xCD
*J.J. Light, "Heya!" (Sunbeam) CD
Martini Bros., "From Buleaux" (Poker Flat) 12"
MB/Hue/Fhievel, "Erimos" (Digitalis) CD
*Merzbow, "Merzbox" (Extreme) 50xCD
MLZ, "Dark Days" (Modern Love) 12"
Move D & Bouillabass/Jackmate, "Sweet Heini/Buccaneer" (Phil E) 12"
Mudboy, "Hungry Ghosts! These Songs Are Doors" (Digitalis) CD
Mugwump, "Memory Lane Refund" (Mood Music) 12"
Murmer, "We Share A Shadow" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) CD
MV & EE with The Golden Road, "Gettin' Gone" (Ecstatic Peace) 2xLP
Ian Nagoski, "Kerflooey" (Ehse) LP
Neokarma Jooklo Trio, "Solar Vision" (Qbico) LP
Nicolette, "No Government" (Great Stuff Records) 12"
Onna, "Katawa" (PSF) CD
Orbital, "Live At Glastonbury" (ATO) CD
Plastikman, "Spastik" (Plus 8 Classics) 12"
Jeff Samuel, "Return of the Throatwobbler" (Karloff) 12"
Sasse, "Mount Juneau" (Mule Musiq) 12"
Kevin Saunderson, "History Elevate 2" (Planet E Communications) 12"
Screw, "Banks of the River/Devil's Hour" (Shagrat) CD/10"
Seabear, "Teenage Kicks" (A Number of Small Things) 7"
Seavault, "Mercy Seat" (A Number of Small Things) 7"
*Ananda Shankar, "Missing You" (Fallout) LP
Jacek Sienkwicz, "Living in Oblivion" (Smallville) 12"
Steven R. Smith, "Owl" (Digitalis) CD
*The Sound of Feeling, "Up Into The Silence" (Sunbeam) CD
S.T. Mikael, "Mind of Fire" (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Chriss Sutherland, "Me in a 'Field'" (Digitalis) CD
Text Of Light, "Rotterdam.1" (Room40) CD
*3/3, "S/T" (P-Vine) 2xCD
Trial & Error, "Akihabara EP" (Allyoucanbeat) 12"
Alex Under, "Gris Anthemo" (CMYKMusik) 12"
Matt Valentine, "P.K. Dick" (Time-Lag Records) 7"
*Larry Young, "Lawrence of Newark" (Perception) LP
V/A, "Do the Pop! Redux Part One" (Savage Beat) 2xCD
V/A, "Pregnant Rainbows for Colourblind Dreamers" (Premium Publishing) 4xCD
V/A, "Qbico U-Nite V - Turku, Finland" (Qbico) LP
V/A, "Traumschwiegersöhne" (Karmarouge) 2x12"

Robert Pollard, "Dumb Lady/Street Velocity" (Happy Jack Rock Records) 7"