Amongst the releases this week are a couple new discs from Billy Childish, a huge swathe of Triumph reissues, and individual re-releases from Arthur Lee, Albert Hammond, and B.B. King. New compilations this week come courtesy of Asian Man, Arc, and Ace UK.

Dursan Acar, "Traditional and Contemporary Music of Kurdistan" (Arc) CD
*Solá Akingbolá, "Routes to Roots: Yoruba Drums from Nigeria" (Arc) CD
Attrition, "3 Arms and a Dead Cert; In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts" (2gods) CD
*Badger, "One Live Badger" (Airmail Japan) CD
Balalaika Ensemble, "World Travel: Russia" (Arc) CD
Kálmán Balogh/Meta, "Gypsy Music from Hungary" (Arc) CD
*David Bedford, "Nurses Song with Elephants" (Airmail Japan) CD
*Delany Bramlett, "Something's Coming/Mobius Strip" (Acadia) CD
Billy Childish, "Christmas 1979" (Damaged Goods)  CD
Wild Billy Childish, "XFM Sessions" (Damaged Goods) CD
*Dirty Blues Band, "Dirty Blues Band/Stone Dirt" (Beat Goes On) CD
*Jose Feliciano, "10 to 23/Fireworks" (Beat Goes On) CD
*Albert Hammond, "When I Need You/Somewhere in America" (Beat Goes On) CD
*B.B. King, "The Jungle" (Ace UK) CD
*Leo Kottke, "Great Big Boy/Peculiaroso" (Acadia) CD
*Arthur Lee, "Vindicator" (Beat Goes On) CD
Arthur Lyman, "World Travel: Hawaii" (Arc) CD
*Randy Meisner, "One More Song/Randy Meisner" (Acadia) CD
*Gaguik Mouradian, "Goussan: Armenian Troubadours" (Accords Croises) CD
Nifelheim, "Envoy of Lucifer" (Regain Us) CD
*Out to Lunch, "Excuse Me While I Do the Boogaloo" (Accurate) CD
Oxymoron, "Fuck the Nineties...Here's Our Noize" (Knockout Germany) CD
Xu Pingxin, "Master of the Chinese Dulcimer" (Arc) CD
Reverend Horton Heat, "HiFi Stereo" (Yep Roc) CD
Rhythm Journey/Miguel Castro, "World Percussion" (Arc) CD
Skeletal Family, "Futile Combat" (Anagram Gothic) CD
*Roger Ruskin Spear, "Electric Shocks" (Airmail Japan) CD
*Spear of Destiny, "Grapes of Wrath" (Anagram UK) CD
*Johnny Tillotson, "It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'/You Can Never Stop Me..." CD
*Triumph, "Allied Forces" (Airmail Japan) CD
*Triumph, "In the Beginning" (Airmail Japan) CD
*Triumph, "Just a Game" (Airmail Japan) CD
*Triumph, "Never Surrender" (Airmail Japan) CD
*Triumph, "Progressions of Power" (Airmail Japan) CD
*Triumph, "Rock & Roll Machine" (Airmail Japan) CD
*Triumph, "Sport of Kings" (Airmail Japan) CD
*Triumph, "Surveillance" (Airmail Japan) CD
*Triumph, "Thunder Seven" (Airmail Japan) CD
The Ventures, "In the Vaults Vol. 4" (Ace UK) CD
Rhonda Vincent, "Good Thing Going" (Rounder) CD
*Andy Williams, "Andy Williams/Andy Williams Sings Steve Allen" (Ace UK) CD
Yamato Ensemble, "Japanese Music by Michio Miyagi Vol. 2" (Arc) CD
V/A, "Aliens, Psychos & Wild Things Vol. 4" (Arcania International) CD
V/A, "God Save the Queers" (Asian Man) CD
V/A, "Sufi Music: From India" (Arc) CD
V/A, "Voice Letter" (Asphalt Tango) CD
V/A, "The Wire: And All the Pieces Matter - Five Years of Music from The Wire" (Nonesuch) CD
V/A, "The Wire: Beyond Hampsterdam: Baltimore" (Nonesuch) CD
V/A, "World Travel: Peru/Andes" (Arc) CD
V/A, "World Travel: Portugal" (Arc) CD
V/A, "Yet More Mellow Cats 'n Kittens Vol. 4" (Ace UK) CD