January winds down with new titles from Jon Mueller, Ida, Xiu Xiu, Robert Pollard, Beat Circus, and the Vandermark 5. Reissues this week include material from Destroy All Monsters, Sun Ra, Xasthur, Don Cherry, and Múm. Also out is a new 7" from Fennesz and a concert DVD from The Ex.

Morrissey, "That How People Grow Up" (Decca) CD/7"/7" Picture Disc/12" Picture Disc

Antonelli, "Soulkiller" (Italic) CD
*Aphordite's Child, "It's Five O'Clock" (World Psychedelia) CD
Barem, "Never Better Than Late" (Minus) 12"
Beat Circus, "Dreamland" (Cuneiform) CD
The Bell, "Make Some Quiet" (Birdman) CD
Birds of Maya, "Vol. 1" (Holy Mountain) LP
Black Mountain, "In the Future" (Jagjaguwar) CD/2xLP
bran(...)pos, "Coin-Op Khepri" (C.I.P.) CD
*Bum Kon, "Sex Sucks" (Smooch) CD
Catastrophic, "Pathology of Murder" (Napalm) CD
*Don Cherry, "Tibet" (Picc-a-dilly) LP
*Destroy All Monsters, "Bored" (Cherry Red) CD
DJ Kentaro, "Enter the Newground Live" (Ninjatune) DVD
The Ex, "Building A Broken Mousetrap" (Touch and Go) DVD
Marcel Fengler, "Playground/Early Glow" (Ostgut) 12"
Fennesz, "Transition" (Touch) 7"
GazHeart [Rita Ackerman/Dave Nuss], "S/T" (Locust) LP
*The Growing Concern, "S/T" (World Psychedlia) CD
*Jonas Gwangwa and African Explosion, "Who (Ngubani)?" (Jamal) LP
*The Habibiyya, "If Man But Knew" (Sunbeam) 2xLP
Hall of Fame, "Fire Came Love, Then Came the Tree..." (Amish Records) LP+CD
Rasmus Hedlund, "Hidden Structure" (Resopal Schallware) 12"
Hello, Blue Roses, "The Portrait is Finished and I Have Failed..." (Locust) CD
Hexlove, "Knew Abloom (Life's Hood)" (Holy Mountain) CD
Hey Willpower, "P.D.A." (Tomlab) CD
Human Bell, "S/T" (Thirll Jockey) CD/LP
*Human Instinct, "Stoned Guitar" (Rockadome) CD
Ida, "Lovers Prayers" (Polyvinyl) CD/2xLP
Kabukabu & Klezmer Chidesch, "The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland National Anthem #3 & 4" (Ash International) 7"
*Bana Kadori, "Agwambo" (Kanyo Records) CD
Kapital Band 1, "Playing By Numbers" (Mosz Records) CD
Khan, "Who Never Rests Remixed Vol. 1" (I'm Single) 12"
Ben Klock, "October" (BPitch Control) 12"
Justus Köhncke, "Safe and Sound Part 1" (Kompakt) 12"
*Takehisa Kosugi, "Catch-Wave" (World Psychedelia) CD
Jeffrey Lewis, "12 Crass Songs" (Rough Trade) CD
Gerard Manset, "La Mort D'Orion" (World Psychedelia) CD
Robert Martin, "Long Goodbye" (Yik Yak) LP
*Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath, "Eclipse at Dawn" (Cunieform) CD
Metabolismus, "The Social Club No. 7" (Social Registry) 7"
James Mowbray & D Ramirez, "Time Fades Away" (Four:Twenty) 12"
Jon Mueller, "Metals" (Table of Elements) CD
*Múm, "Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today is OK" (Morr Music) CD/2xLP
Munch Munch, "Wedding" (Tomlab) 7"
Hyo-shin Na, "All the Noises" (New World Records) CD
Nemeth, "Film" (Thrill Jockey) CD
Marco Passarani, "Statostasi EP" (Pigna) 12"
Ghislain Poirier, "No Ground Under" (Ant Zen) 2xLP/CD
Robert Pollard, "Superman Was a Rocker" (Happy Jack Rock Records) CD/LP
Nico Purman, "Tuesday EP" (Vakant) 12"
Radar Brothers, "Auditorium" (Merge) CD
Samamidon, "All Is Well" (Bedroom Community) LP
Scary Grant, "Strawberries" (Lo-Fi Stereo) 12"
Ralph Sliwinski, "Boutique Orange" (Num) 12"
Sons and Daughters, "This Gift" (Domino) CD
Jed Speare, "Sound Works 1982-1987" (Family Vineyard) 2xCD
*Sun Ra & His Arkestra, "Some Blues But Not The Kind That's Blue" (Atavistic) CD
Siriusmo, "All the Girls" (Exploited) 12"
*Truth and Janey, "No Rest For the Wicked" (Rockadome) CD
UNKLE, "More Stories + War Stories Instrumentals" (Surrender All) CD
Vetiver, "You May Be Blue / Been So Long (Neighbors remixes)" (Gnomonsong) 12"
Vampire Weekend, "S/T" (XL) CD
The Vandermark 5, "Beat Reader" (Atavistic) CD
Willits + Sakamoto, "Ocean Fire" (12K) CD
*Xasthur, "Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors" (Hydra Head) 2xCD
Xiu Xiu, "Women As Lovers" (Kill Rock Stars) CD+DVD
Yapacc, "N!ce" (Neutonmusic) 12"
V/A, "Detroit Breakdown Vol. 2 EP2" (Third Ear Recordings) 12"