Look for new singles and EPs this week from The Church, Dirty Projectors and new full length releases from Mono, Fever Ray, Gui Boratto, Lotus Plaza, and KMFDM as well as a release of old material from Fridge.


1990’s, "Kicks" (Rough Trade) CD
Matteah Bahm, "Laughing Boy" (DiChristina) CD
The Balky Mule, "The Length of the Rail" (FatCat) CD
The Church, "Pangaea" (Unorthodox) CDEP
Dan Deacon, "Bromst" (Carpark) CD
Mirah, "(a)spera" (K) LP/CD
Dirty Projectors, "Byond Uquafina" (Domino) 12”/CDEP
James Ferraro, "Clear; Discovery" (Holy Mountain) CD
Fever Ray, "Fever Ray" (Mute) CD
Fridge, "Early Output 1996-1998" (Temporary Residence) CD
Fucked Up, "Year of the Rat" (What’s Your Rupture?) CD
Gui Boratto, "Take My Breath Away" (Kompakt) LP/CD
I.U.D, "The Proper Sex" (The Social Registry) CD
Jeremy Jay, "Slow Dance" (K) CD
KMFDM, "Blitz" (Metropolis) CD
Bob Log III, "My Shit Is Perfect" (Birdman) CD
Lotus Plaza, "The Floodlight Collective" (Kranky) CD
Mirah, "(a) CDspera" (K) CD
Mono, "Hymn to the Immortal Wind" (Temporary Residence) LP/CD
Obits, "I Blame You" (Sub Pop) LP/CD
*Red Red Meat, "Bunny Gets Paid" (Sub Pop) CD
Röyksopp, "Junior" (Astralwerks) CD
Swan Lake, "Enemy Mine" (Jagjaguwar) LP/CD