This week FIVE new releases drop from our own KILLER PIMP imprint: Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy (which is selling quite quickly); Blood Money; Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words (Album of the Week according to Aquarius Records in San Fran); Envenomist; and Ulterior. Additionally the TURBO PIMP imprint finally launches with the second full-length album from S.O.L.O. (aka Michael Wells of Greater Than One, Tricky Disco, GTO, etc,...)


Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy, "A Picture of a Picture" (Killer Pimp) CD
Blood Money, "Blood Brotherhood" (Killer Pimp) CD
*Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, "Lost In Reflections" (Killer Pimp) CD
El Perro Del Mar, "Love Is Not Pop" (Licking Fingers) CDEP
Envenomist, "The Helix" (Killer Pimp) CD
Frightened Rabbit, "Quietly Now!" (Fat Cat) CD
Great Lake Swimmers, "Lost Channels" (Nettwerk) CD
J Dilla, "Dillanthology: Production for Various Artists" CD (Rapster)
Junior Boys, "Begone Dull Care" (Domino) LP/CD
Kebnekajse, "Kebnekajse" (Subliminal Sounds) LP/CD
Ministry, "Adios... Putas Madres (live)" (13th Planet) CD
The Performers, "A Homemade Stereo Recording" (Plop) CD
Peter, Bjoring And John, "Living Thing" (Almost Gold) CD
Ritornell, "Golden Solute" (Karaoke Kalk) LP/CD
S.O.L.O., "Hidden Melodies" (Turbo Pimp) dig
Ulterior, "Kempers Heads" (Killer Pimp) CD
Wolves in the Throne Room, "Black Cascade " (Southern Lord) LP/CD