Leftover copies of the 3xCD set for the Brainwaves fest is available now in the Commerce section while supplies last. There is no printing on the packaging: it was intended to be used for autographs through the weekend. At some point we may get scans of others' autographed sets but for now the set is available here. It's $30 + shipping.



  1. Jack Dangers - A Strange Case of Instrumentation
  2. Dragon or Emperor - Part of Me Says
  3. The One Ensemble - I Am the Brown
  4. Hox - I Am Here
  5. Aranos - Inner Thigh in Buttercup Yellow
  6. Z'EV - 3m 18s brainwashed mix
  7. Wagon Christ - i r pufnstuf
  8. Nadja - Trepidation
  9. Coil - Journey to Avebury
  10. Irr.App.(Ext.) - The Swinging Generation Consumed (theoretically) by Faulty Ecology - and not a moment too soon (with special guest narrator Anne Chambers)


  1. Throbbing Gristle - Convincing People (Turin 2005)
  2. Colin Potter - Knit Where
  3. Charles Atlas - Grumblebee
  4. Windy & Carl - Seiche
  5. V/Vm - Engulfer
  6. Little Annie - Baby I'll Make You a Man
  7. Sybarite - Walk Don't Run
  8. Amanda Palmer feat. Meredith Yayanos - The Lovers
  9. Thighpaulsandra - Am Smear Challenger
  10. Edward Ka-Spel - Sepia


  1. Cock ESP - I Lied About Your Band So I Could Drink Beer for Free
  2. Michael Wells - Spanish Lessons
  3. Jessica Bailiff - Brother La (Twin Scorpio mix)
  4. Keith Fullerton Whitman - 20041203.wfmu
  5. Gaeoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen - One of These Creatures
  6. Greg Davis - Hand-Held Tamarack
  7. Jack Dangers - The Self Enjoy
  8. Black Light District - Stoned Circular 3
  9. Current 93 - Black Ships Ate the Sky (alternate mix)
  10. Troum - Drüsian

Celebrating ten years of Brainwashed.com, Brainwaves is a three day event in November, 2006. Brainwaves the souvenir is a set of three CDs, ten songs each. These were made for the Brainwaves fest. There is no printing on the packaging whatsoever. It is intended for autographs. Some people may scan and post their autographed sets in the near future.