The new reissue of An Awkward Pause by Nurse With Wound comes with the ingredients to the song "Two Shaves and a Shine." Jnana Records has decided they're going to have a remix contest, but, they won't announce all the gorey specifics until the official release date (November 1st). Some information has been announced in a recent letter.
The proposal is this: (please note that this isn't the final contest guidelines but what to expect)
All completed tracks will be uploaded by the remixing contestant to the site at and passed on to Steven Stapleton. After the competition is closed (December 31st, 2006), Steven will choose his favorites, with one entry being selected as the winner.

At that point, Jnana will post the Fave 10 on the site and allow the public to download both the tracks and custom artwork (designed by Steven), to make a CD of "Steven's favorites."

The winner will receive the original piece of Steven's art which was used to form the basis of the CD cover.

In other Jnana news, another donation has been made to Médicins Sans Frontières from Not Alone compilation sales. Not Alone has now raised US $ 23,414 (approximately CDN $ 26,500; EUR €18.669; GBP £12,623) for Médecins Sans Frontières. Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

Orders for Not Alone and An Awkward Pause are still being taken in Jnana's shop.