Stranded in the Overlook Hotel

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Wrks 1&2
Nico - Chelsea Girl
Kraftwerk - The Catalogue (box set)
Slowdive - Souvlaki/Blue Day
Joy Division - Heart & Soul (box set)
Crystal Castles 2
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody Nelson
The Ramones - All the Stuff vol 1&2
Scientist - ...Rids the World of the Evil Curse of Vampires

Landon Bradley
Vancouver, Canada

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  • The Velvet Underground, White Light/White Heat (Verve - ‘68)
  • No New York (Antilles - ‘78)
  • Matmos, The Civil War (Matador - 2003)
  • “L'Internationale” (1871)
  • Bounce 4 Relief Vol. I (2005)
  • Bob Seger, Greatest Hits: 2 (Capitol - 2003 ed.)
  • Johannes Brahms (1833-97), Variationen über ein Thema von Josef Haydn Op. 56a (1873)
  • Pere Ubu, Dub Housing (Rough Trade - ‘89 ed.)
  • Brendan Behan, Brendan Behan Sings Irish Folksongs and Ballads (Spoken Arts - ‘85)
  • Baby Dee, Regifted Light (Drag City - 2011)

Logan K. Young
Washington, D.C.

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after the world ended

"Derek Jarman's Blue soundtrack"
Horse Rotorvator by Coil
Amulet Edition by Threshold Houseboys Choir
the self titled Denver Gentlemen release
the first Black Heart Procession
Two Yards Low by mxiii
the Bricks Might Breathe Again by the Painted Saints
Rising by Lustmord
The Elbow is Taboo by Renaldo and the Loaf
Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy by Mindless Self Indulgence

Justin Headrick
Denver, CO, USA

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Out in the Cold

Pygmalion - Slowdive
xAj3z - SoiSong
Soliloquy For Lilith - Nurse With Wound
Horse Rotorvator - Coil
32nd Annual Report - Throbbing Gristle
Untrue - Burial
Form Grows Rampant - The Threshold HouseBoys Choir
Forever Changes - Love
The Wall Of Sacrifice - Death In June
Black Ships Ate The Sky - Current 93
Thomas Berg
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stranded where ever. stranded is stranded is stranded

Led Zeppelin "II"
"The Beatles Again" (AKA "Hey Jude")
Jesus Christ Superstar (the 1971 "concept album" w/Ian Gillain, Murray Head & Yvonne Elliman)
Black Sabbath "Paranoid"
Neil Young "After the Gold Rush"
Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers"
The Damned "Machine Gun Etiquette"
David Bowie "The Man Who Sold the World"
The Mothers of Invention "Uncle Meat"
Bach "Brandenburg Concertos"

Michael Babcock
Boston, MA

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Craggy Island

1. Coil : Love's Secret Domain
2. Nurse With Wound : Paranoia In Hi Fi
3. Whitehouse : Bird Seed
4. Robert Ashley : Automatic Writing
5. Andrew Chalk + Christoph Heemann : Mirror Of The Sea
6. John Duncan : Phantom Broadcast
7. Maurizio Bianchi : Technology
8. Throbbing Gristle : Second Annual Report
9. Ramleh : Homeless
10. Cyclobe : The Visitors

Brian Conniffe, Dublin

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Out in the Field

Unknown Pleasures- Joy Division
From Here We Go Sublime-The Field
2000 B.C.- Canibus
Things Fall Apart-The Roots
Silent Shout-The Knife
Room On Fire-The Strokes
Operation DoomsDay-MF DOOM
I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One-Yo La Tengo

Hartford, CT

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1. en-tact / the shamen
2. dubnobasswithmyheadman / underworld
3. subliminal sandwich / meat beat manifesto
4. chill out / klf
5. fear of a black planet / public enemy
6. the low end theory / a tribe called quest
7. hat full of hollow / the smiths
8. red house painters / red house painters (i'm cheating here, i know. if pressed, i'd say 'rollercoaster')
9. rio / duran duran
10. illinois / sufjan stevens

todd greco
portland, or, usa

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Anywhere with my boyfriend!

Marcy Playground – Leaving Wonderland In A Fit Of Rage
Tears For Fears – Elemental
Aimee Mann – Bachelor No. 2
Broken Bells – Broken Bells
David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
The Grateful Dead – For The Faithful
The Police – Zenyatta Mondatta
Saint Motel – ForPlay
Tom Petty – Anthology
Dymaxion Vehicle – Design

Taylor "TVA" Van Arsdale
Santa Monica, CA

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