Reflections on Alice

This week has been a sad one for us. Our beloved Alice Coltrane has passed away. She joined John on Friday, January 12th, 2007. Alice was an innovator in this world, both through her music and in the way she brought spiritualism into the lives of those who listened to her.


Alice was soft spoken and full of meaning. She was a gentle and strong soul, continuing to be a beautiful woman and raise a family, and write and record incredible music in the midst of losing her one true love, John. Alice put words to the feelings Carl and I had about music, about the underlying conditions that inspire us to create. We looked up to her in many ways because of what she said and the music she made, for all the beautiful ideas she represented, and for being herself through all of her life.

We were lucky to have seen her perform in Sept of 2006, and almost went to the other two shows later in the fall in California and New Jersey. We should have gone to the lecture she held on the University of Michigan campus the day before her show at Hill Auditorium, because maybe there we could have made a personal dream come true - we could have met her, and looked into her eyes, and thanked her for all that she has brought us in our lives. Carl and I will miss Alice. She was a very special person on this earth. Now we need to simply be thankful she left us with so many memories and gorgeous pieces of music to remember her by.

- Windy Weber