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I literally cannot stoplistening to this CD. Although it's only been a few days, it's quicklybecoming one of my favourite Current 93 pieces ever.
I loved the purityand simplistic beauty of Soft Black Stars, but those who didn't enjoythe last album will be pleased to know that this EP is nothing at alllike it, or really like much Tibet has done before. It's a 22-minuteexperimental electronic piece with lots of nice drones, disembodiedcut-up voices, occasional blips, and Tibet's surprisingly restrained,almost monotone delivery. The text by Ligotti is both creepy and cleverwith lots on nice wordplay and repetition. Tibet's voice seems to becoming from a tape recorder, and before each segment of his deliveryyou hear a clicking sound that I'm presuming is the sound of the tapebeing started. Some segments have the sound of the tape machinesqueaking as well. Overall, it sounds pleasantly primitive and vaguelyreminiscent of early electronic compositions from the 1950s. The endhas Tibet's electronically altered voice repeating twice. It's areprise of the first segment of the text, "when everybody you love isfinally gone,..." The artwork, a very colourful David Tibet painting ofsome sort of tentacled creature with a black section featuring thetitle in white over and over and over, is also wonderful... Highlyrecommended.