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Four words: Leif Garrett covers Nirvana. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to be exact.
You might expectthis to be kitschy or maybe good for a laugh and nothing else, buthonestly, it's actually got very emotive vocals (in that big '70's rockway) that remind me of Waters-era Pink Floyd. The whole album has aDuets theme, so it's the melvins with (in order:) Leif Garrett, DavidYow(Jesus Lizard), Hank Williams III/Henry Bogdan(helmet), Mike Patton(Mr. Bungle/Ex-Faith No More, Fantomas), Foetus, Skeleton Key, Tool,David Yow/godzik pink, Hank Williams III/Henry Bogdan, Bliss Blood,Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth). The first David Yow song is very punk-ish(it is a Jesus Lizard cover) sounding every bit as drunk as the linernotes say he was during recording and the better of the two; the secondDY song is a bit more metal/grindcore with a very avant-garde jazz bitin the middle by godzik pink ("interlude") then right back into the DYyelling. The HW3/HB tracks are great, a real high point in the album(the first one is "Ramblin' Man" a Hank Williams Sr. tune, the other is"Okee From Muskogee" by Merle Haggard). Tool sounds very un-like itselfhere, kind of ambient-metal I'd call it and then the first 4 minutes ofthe 14min song are over and it starts sounding a bit more like Tool.The Feotus song is a great dirge-y ballad which is cool actually; theonly thing that it has going against it is the fact that it's rightafter the Mike Patton track which is so amazingly good that it kindaruined me for the rest of the album for a bit. The song ("G.I. Joe")starts with electronic squeals and beatboxing turns into a very denseeclectic song quickly. The bottom line is that this is a great albumthat I'd recommend to anyone who likes albums that are more on theeclectic side of the spectrum -- especially if you like any of theartists on this disc.