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Peter Rehberg, well-knownfor his work in Rehberg & Bauer, is also prolific with his solooutput as Pita, featured on the Austrian experimental techno label MEGO.Pita's newest release, Get Out, demonstrates an increase insophistication in Rehberg's music. Each of the nine untitled tracks onthe album is its own surreal electronic noise landscape - and I use theword "landscape" due to the striking visual quality inherent in thesound of Pita. Get Out begins with harsh, grinding, even blistering,high-pitched tones, mellowing out towards the fourth and fifth trackswith electronic blips, bird-like twittering, and nearly inaudiblegurgling. The album, like so much of Rehberg's other works, gives thelistener of feeling of complete disorientation with its extremejuxtapositions and abrupt sonic changes. The third track, without doubtGet Out's highlight, is a breathtaking example of Pita's adeptness atthe use of this technique: the opening moments are melodic and pretty,lulling the listener into a false sense of security, when suddenly themore abrasive frequencies are brought in without warning, combiningwith lo-fi washes, and creating an odd blend that is both alluring andpleasantly ear-splitting, only to arrive at the end of the track bysevering the listener's bliss with complete silence. Get Out stands outas some of the best work yet to be released by MEGO, and concreteevidence of the genius of Rehberg - an excellent introduction to anyonenot familiar with either one. While this album is a gem for fans ofharsh noise experimentation, it is definitely not for the faint of ear!