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Despite their seeminglyunlikely French origin, Rajna's latest album Yahili so stronglyreflects the band's passion for South Asian music that their nativecountry becomes easily forgotten.The trio play an extensive list ofIndian and Tibetan instruments including dulcimer, yang t'chin, gongs,bells, shamanic drums, and a host of others which the band lists on thesleeve of the beautiful digipak. Yahili, in contrast with Rajna's priorrelease Ishati, is less atmospheric and leans more towards traditionalmusic. Recorded in a Tibetan monastery, this album drips with easternexoticism and meditative melancholy. Jeanne Lefebvre's rich, powerfulvocals are a focal point, assisting in the fluidity with which the moodof the album goes from trance-inducing rhythms to oriental lullabies.All in all, Rajna's music is both romantic and spiritual, and as theythemselves note: "Rajna est l'invitation au voyage."