After nearly 10 years of intensive recording & touring activity, I have left the Pink Dots. The reason is that I really feel the need at this time to move on to new experiences & challenges in life and music. I'm pleased with the significant body of recorded and live work we accomplished over the past 10 years & I can think back on some great moments which were had in the studio, onstage, travelling on some distant highway / sonic tangent etc - none of which would've been possible without the support of YOU, the fans of the Pink Dots. All in all, it has been a life enriching experience.

My departure shouldn't have an effect, other than the lineup change, on upcoming LPD european tour plans & you can bet, in one form or another, the Pink Dots will continue to keep making their unique music for some time to come.

For anyone who is interested, you can check on my upcoming projects as they arise, most likely at: www.twilightcircus.com

kind regards

ryan moore

So, thank you!