Genesis P-Orridge diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Genesis P-Orridge disclosed this week that s/he has been diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Gen has written:

"Not my favourite piece of recent news! But then again we have cheated death several times since my first clinical demise in 1967..! What it DOES mean is we have to take this seriously and this time we cannot just power through it. We begin serious treatments next week on Monday 23rd( of course) so, if you have ways you focus your loving energies and care to share a little with me. We'd be honoured...the immediate and terribly disappointing result is the Psychic TV/PTV3 detour of Europe due to begin this Sunday 22nd has had to be very reluctantly postponed...we have to agree with my medical experts, my amazing fellow band members, my two daughters Caresse and Genesse, and my chosen extended famille who so lovingly surround me that working on making me strong and fit once more has to be the only sensible priority. We kept hoping we'd be OK but today heard the illness has got worse this week. My sincere, oh so sad apologies for all of you who bought tickets, were excited to share time, space, loving ideas and celebrations with us in all those cities. To postpone was not my first choice by a long way. We are sorry for any disappointment and hope to repair that loss as soon as we can. We also apologise to promoters, and all the hundreds of visible and invisible people who make these tours happen and these venues survive. We are heartbroken to have seen the insane amount of work Matski and Edley have put in to set all this up only to have my old 67 yera body say it needs a rest. We've been touring for about 50 yeras now. It's the first time we have had to do this. We hope it will not be necassary again.

We DO love you all, we almost said you have no idea, but what makes our tribe so special is we DO have a very good idea, Its an idea that begins a way of L-if-E of living. And you are a wonder full blessing and confirmation of the rightness of our belief in coumpassion; kindness; forgiveness; loyalty; unconditional "BIG" love; generosity; sharing; caring; and always seeking a more pure way of Being.

Thank you for your understanding, Djin GEN"

Everyone at Brainwashed wishes Gen the best as treatment begins this week.

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New Tear Garden project is now accepting funding Tear Garden is now 30 years old. The project, originated by Edward Ka-Spel (of Legendary Pink Dots) and Cevin Key (of Skinny Puppy) has expanded to include numerous other players and have released seven full-length albums, two EPs, and two compilations. For the next project, the group has opened up funding from friends and fans through Pledge Music. On the site are available pre-orders of signed versions of the forthcoming LP and CD as well as merchandise and tickets for a listening party. Through a video, Edward explains the logistics, the plans, and even hints to that long-promised Tear Garden tour.

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Happy Birthday Gordon Mumma! Wishes for Gordon Mumma, who turns 80 on March 30th! Mumma, originally a French Horn player, was an early electronic music pioneer, founding the Cooperative Studio for Electronic Music with Robert Ashley in 1958. Mumma was recently featured by The Guardian in their ongoing series, The 101 Strangest Records on Spotify.  Read more info on Gordon at his brainwashed site or his own blog (which hasn't been updated recently, but is still chock-full of info).

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Peter Christopherson Photography,255,255&extension=.JPG&imageSource=im/articles/slzregularcouv.jpg&largeurOrigin=708&hauteurOrigin=850&largeur=250&hauteur=300Published by Timeless - 2014 - France
27 x 33,5 cm - 284 pages - Hardcover

The legendary unpublished photographic work of Peter Christopherson from Throbbing Gristle, Coil and Hypgnosis.

The b/w photos featured in the book run the gamut from personal fetishes to social commentary on 1970s UK, portraits of bands , friends and strangers.
There are both snapshots and highly staged scenarios.

Approximately 95% of this material is published here for the first time ever.

Foreword & short personal reminiscence by Thighpaulsandra.

Regular edition of 500 copies

a video preview is available here:


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Bright Lights and Cats With No Mouths - The Art of John Balance Collected,255,255&extension=.JPG&imageSource=im/articles/couvfrontgeff.jpg&largeurOrigin=594&hauteurOrigin=630&largeur=283&hauteur=300Published by Timeless - 2014 - France
29 x 29 cm - 248 pages in full colors - Hardcover

The first ever extensive overview of art (drawings, paintings and sketches) created by John Balance.
The artworks featured in the book are both finished elaborate hallucinatory pieces as well as quick sketches with a good sprinkling of Balance’s often underestimated humour.
Homages to idols and inspirations next to idiosyncratic magical dreamscapes
executed in a wide variety of styles and mediums

Compiled by Liam Thomas and Thighpaulsandra - with text by
Val Denham and Jeremy Reed.

First edition of 500 copies

a video preview is available here:


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Pause for Silence

Brainwashed is taking a pause to remember those whose lives were either ended or forever changed due to the events over the last week. We thank you for understanding and encourage the support of legitimate, humanitarian, peaceful organizations.

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Help Tom Carter Carter, founding member of Charalambides with an extensive catalog of solo and ensemble recordings, was hospitalized in Berlin while on tour in Europe in June. Tom has complications due to pneumonia, and while his condition continues to improve, he remains hospitalized for the time being. The bills are quite extensive, however, and Tom needs everybody's help. Tom, a long time friend of Brainwashed, is on a long road to recovery and needs financial assistance from anybody who can donate whatever they afford (from a little to a lot). A PayPal account is established for donations. Please visit for updates on his condition. All donations are welcome and appreciated. Thank you for your support.

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MBM Web, SoundCloud page, Test EP

Meat Beat Manifesto have re-launched and have made Test EP now available. The CD/DVD set is limited to 300 copies. It consists of an audio CD featuring the Forger recordings plus bonus Test DVD presented in a silk screened board box with Forger sticker. Additionally, a new Soundcloud page has been established for Meat Beat Manifesto, featuring numerous songs that have not yet been officially released on any physical product.

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New Brainwashed Podcast Mini Site Live

There's a new mini-site devoted to the Brainwashed Podcast at Comments, feedback, polls, etc,. are all welcome.  Thanks for listening!

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Brainwashed Is No Longer Accepting Unsolicited Packages

Due to time and financial constraints Brainwashed is no longer accepting unsolicited packages at the PO Box. (This means if we didn't ask for it, please don't send it.) Unwanted packages will be subject to refusal/return, recycling, or sale. For labels and artists who are interested in having their music covered, there are more details in the Contact Us page.

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Christina Carter Announces 2011 Subscription Series

Christina Carter is making a new subscription series available at for 2011. Once again different rates will earn different items and subscriptions are limited. All subscriptions are due by January 31st. 

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Throbbing Gristle cease to exist. Again.

Throbbing Gristle have announced that they have yet again terminated their mission following the departure of Genesis P-Orridge who has left the group in the middle of their current set of live dates. Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Peter Christopherson have set about playing some of Throbbing Gristle's scheduled shows as a trio known as X-TG but their performance in Prague had to be cancelled. Refunds are available (disappointment guaranteed). How this affects any forthcoming studio work from Throbbing Gristle remains to be seen.

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Brainwashed Joins SoundCloud

You can now follow brainwashed on Soundcloud at Songs from old Brainwashed Recordings have been added so far but this will hopefully expand in the future to feature a variety of other stuff from various acts and perhaps exclusives or other oddities.

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Wire announce new member and new releases

Wire are fresh off some European dates and have officially announced a new member, a forthcoming album, the imminent release of Send Ultimate, a rare "unplugged" session, and the Legal Bootleg Series: newly available archive material. All of this in their latest newsletter from PinkFlag.

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Brainwashed iPhone & iPod Version Working!

We're excited to announce that brainwashed is now visible and bookmarkable on the iPhone & iPod Touch. This version will undoubtedly be given some more attention, tweaked, and improved upon, and hopefully we'll roll out a version compatible on the Droid and other devices soon.

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New Site

Over the last week the system at was upgraded. The database had to be migrated from an older version to a newer one and many things, other than the appearance, have changed. We hope everybody can find everything that was on the older version but feel free to let us know somehow if things don't work or look right!

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The Eye volume 18: DVD Now available!

We're thrilled to roll out the latest DVD fundraiser. The Eye Volume 18 features our popular segments with Jesu, Meat Beat Manifesto, Pan Sonic, and Colleen. All who gratiously allowed us to both capture them live and sit down and talk shop, and have now allowed us to use some of this footage to help Brainwashed raise funds!  The DVDs can be purchased in the Brainwashed Commerce shop and like all other Eye DVDs come personalized for the buyer.  Thanks for your support!
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Legendary Pink Dots announce major changes

In the March 2010 Newsletter the Legendary Pink Dots have officially announced the departure of members Martijn de Kleer and Niels Van Hoorn. Martijn first appeared on Shadow Weaver in 1992 and has been an on and off member of the group over the years, however Neils has not departed the group since his debut on The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse from 1990. Martijn will be replaced by Erik Drost once again on guitar (re-joining the dots) but for the first time since 1989 the group will perform as a trio with Raymond behind the mixing console. Concert dates and catalog updates available after the jump.
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Danny Hyde says Thank You

Danny Hyde has made a short video montage with a personal message to all who helped raise the funds to get his archives and equipment back out of storage, rescuing artifacts from who knows what! Thanks to everyone who helped.
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Coptic Cat website now online!

David Tibet of Current 93 has announced the demise of and the opening of Along with the rebranding and new site launch is news of forthcoming Current 93 performances and details of music in the works.
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