Wire's pinkflag.com Gets Overhaul

Wire's offical record label and band site, Pinkflag.com got an overhaul this week. While there's not a lot of new information there, the site will allow for more timely updates. There's also a ton of links now to various places across the Internet with Wire content (hey, where did Brainwashed's Wire Sound/Video Archive go?)
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Richard H. Kirk presents Vasco de Mento

Richard H. Kirk (of Cabaret Voltaire) has a new alias: Vasco de Mento The new full-length album Burning the Words is once again available only through iTunes under his own Intone imprint. Will he ever release a physical product again? Who knows! But Burning the Words is two parts: each with six songs and totalling 72 minutes long, plenty enough to keep the fans pleased for now.
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Volcano the Bear Updates

A new update from Volcano The Bear details a forthcoming show in Paris and hints at dates throughout Europe for November and December. Additionally, a new album, Amidst the Noise and Twigs is due shortly to coincide with the tour as well as a split LP with French band La STPO. For those who haven't heard Amolvacy yet (new project with Aaron Moore), some North American dates are happening in September. Read on for more.
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Wire Update

A Wire update has been issued by Pink Flag detailing digital downloads now available from PostEverything.com and rare "alternative" videos now posted to the new Wire page at YouTube!
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Windy & Carl Update

Windy & Carl have posted a news update including info some forthcoming releases and live appearances as well as their music in the film August Evening by Chris Eska.
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LPD Announce Dates, New and Old Releases

An email update has gone out direct from the Legendary Pink Dots, detailing some new concert dates in Europe as well as a forthcoming new album as well as some forthcoming vault releases  Additionally, there is music available now directly from the at Terminal Kaleidoscope including a brand new Silverman disc and the two new Mimir reissues. Read on for more details.
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Killer Pimp to release New York's Loudest Band

Killer Pimp will release a 10-song CD from A Place To Bury Strangers, who bear the title of "New York's Loudest Band," on August 13th, 2007. These songs have been recorded over the last few years and for the first time are presented on a fully mastered CD, completely uncompressed in their full glory as they are meant to be heard. Only 500 will be available directly from Brainwashed. Pre-orders are available now at Brainwashed Commerce. Pre-order special: free shipping to anywhere in the world! Read more for MP3 downloads.
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The Eye DVD 016: Matmos, Baby Dee, His Name Is Alive, Gary Wilson

The Eye DVD Volume 16 is now available from Brainwashed! It's our first fundraiser for Brainwaves II (next year's festival). While we can't say who's playing yet (official lineup announcements and tickets won't go on sale until 2008) we can say there have been a lot of groups who have said yes they are interested. This DVD includes four acts who have said YES (in that they will allow some fundraising to be done with their videos!) In honor, this week's Eye revival is Matmos which has been YouTubed for your extreme viewing pleasure (see below).
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Exclusive Interview of Elusive David Jackman

After the Noise is an interview with David Jackman of Organum by Kevin Spencer of Robot Records. This rarity was recently completed and is now available on the Organum site here at Brainwashed in the "Articles" section.
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Stormy Records new website

The new Stormy Records Web site is up and running with a new layout and Paypal cart with updates to the stock made daily. Stormy Records, based in Detroit, is owned and operated by Windy & Carl and will ship worldwide (which is great for those who want to take advantage of the piss poor US dollar rate these days!)
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New MBM Web, Old Material, Live Show

There's a brand new Meat Beat Manifesto Web site at meatbeatmanifesto.com. The Web site brainwashed.com/mbm will still exist to host the most comprehensive discographies, sound samples, and other information where the new site will continue with new news and products. Purged: 1982-1988—the brand new double CD collection of old material from Jack Dangers (which predates MBM)—is now available through the site and MBM will also play at the Detroit Industrial Movement II Fest on Memorial Day weekend.
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Going through Jessica Bailiff's Old Things

Old Things is a new collection of older tunes by Jessica Bailiff due out on Morc Records on May 15th. From their web site: "This record is a collection of rare and unreleased material, mostly recorded between the release of her second and third album. As such, it can be seen as the missing link between the rather droney second record, and the starker Jessica Bailiff record. This is more than "just" a collection of older material: this records explains why it took her so long to finish her third record: she was also working on these gems which form a regular full length on their own."
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Brainwaves Videos Have Arrived

On the morning of Friday, April 20th, 47 videotapes of the Brainwaves fest arrived at Brainwashed Central. These, along with five videotapes of offstage captures, are being reviewed and edited right now. There's a lofty goal of producing 10 DVDs containing all performances but this will take some time. In the meanwhile, clips have begun to trickle in to the Brainwashed Video Podcast, however, only iTunes users can view the videos.
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The return of Githead

Nearly two years after the thrilling debut album Profile, Githead returns with Art Pop. This 11 song full-length from the quasi-supergroup of Colin Newman (Wire) and Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) with Minimal Compact's Malka Spigel and Max Franken is due out in Europe on April 30th and in North America on May 1.
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The Caretaker dreams again...

Pre-orders are now being taken for a new double LP from The Caretaker Deleted Scenes / Forgotten Dreams. It will be limited to 300 copies worldwide with a scheduled release date of April 30th. Excerpts can be heard here. General information about The Caretaker can be found at his microsite.
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New Sandoz In Dub on iTunes

Richard H. Kirk, made famous by Cabaret Voltaire, has a brand new Sandoz recording, available once again only as an iTunes download. Sandoz In Dub: Chapter Two / Extra Time (Under the Stones) can be ordered by clicking here. Note: it is indeed a different recording than Sandoz In Dub: Chapter Two / Live in the Earth released on Soul Jazz.
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Hafler Trio Questions Perfection

The Hafler Trio has a new 7" single available on Plinkity Plonk (a division of Korm Plastics) titled "Who Gave You the Ability to Envision Perfection?" and once again a teeny-tiny micro-site has been created at the Brainwashed site for it. Check here for more details. Korm Plastics has also been reissuing a number of Hafler Trio classic releases this year, check their site for more details.
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Tibet Announces Anger Benefit

David Tibet (of Current 93) along with Bill Breeze (Current 93, Coil) in association with Mark Logan of Jnana Records have begun work on Brother Focus: For the Inaugurator of the Pleasure Dome, an album to benefit director Kenneth Anger in his recovery following a recent major operation. More details will be announced at a later date. Other Durtro announcements in this week's letter include forthcoming releases, the Inmost Light Trilogy on LP, and some limited goodies to be available first at the Donau Festival.
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The Eye: Refocused

The Eye is returning to a weekly feature, and we're reintroducing various Eye episodes using video streams from YouTube. Although the last few episodes have featured YouTube content, we're going to go through every old episode we can and serve them up YouTube style. It's a great time to catch up and spend some time with the personalities behind some of the most innovative music of today. Enjoy!
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New Tricky Disco Tunes!

The first new songs by Tricky Disco in over a decade are now available as digital downloads only from iTunes. While there are no plans for physical releases for Up + Down and The Way That You Move, some new remixes of "Tricky Disco" and "Pure" are on the way.
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