Rickie Lee Jones drops off C93 dates

Rickie Lee Jones is no longer able to appear at the upcoming Current 93 shows. Both David Tibet and Rickie Lee want to point out this happened due to bad luck and unforeseen problems. Says David, "We remain good friends and, although sadly this time the energy was against us, we are both determined to reschedule our working together as soon as we can." The dates that C93 have scheduled will be the last C93 tour of Europe for some time.
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Exclusive Art-Document for Organum

David Jackman has provided an exclusive piece of 'text-art' (in the form of a 34-page PDF document) for the Organum web site. It can be located via the "Exclusives" page on the main page (top right-hand icon). David does not wish to provide any explanation or description: Rather he wishes it to "stand-alone" and that "it is what it is". It represents the culmination of several weeks of work by David and should be viewed in full-page mode for full effect (no scrolling).
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Manybreaths.com Launches

We're excited to announce that Christina Carter of Charalambides has joined Brainwashed.com's roster with Many Breaths. View manybreaths.com for information on Christina, photos, lyrics, tour dates, and eventually there will hopefully be some limited music to buy from her directly.
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Signed Copies of Diamanda Gal√°s' New Album Available

Mute is selling signed copies of Diamanda Galás' new disc Guilty Guilty Guilty.  Only 50 signed copies are available.  Click here for a direct link to the Mute store.  GGG drops in the UK on March 31 (April 1 everywhere else).
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We're Back!

We're sorry for the downtime but there was a disk failure, which ended up corrupting a ton of the database data. Unfortunately, the most recent backup that was salvagable goes back to August, so a ton of us have been feverishly trying to get old content in. While we worked hard and are continue to input old file, there are some things which are gone.  If you are aware of missing files and would like to contact us, please do!  Thanks.
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Brainwaves Festival 1 DVD 1 Now Available

The first DVD in the series of DVDs from the Brainwaves Festival in 2006 is now available at BrainwashedCommerce. DVD1 includes the entire performances of Z'EV, Nadja, and Troum along with footage backstage and around the venue and photographs. Proceeds from these sales will go towards the second Brainwaves festival, scheduled for November 21, 22, 23, 2008. These are $15 and also include free shipping.
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Peace Process

There are now some images to share for the Peace compilation, featuring new, exclusive, rare, and old music from 34 friends of Jon Whitney and Brainwashed. Images can be seen at flickr.com/photos/interrobang918.
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New Ku-Ling Bros. Album On the Way

Ku-Ling Bros. made up from equal parts Shane Norton (Soundlab), Jack Lucas (Yummy Fur, Il Capaninas) and Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire, Sassi & Loco) with guests appearing on the soon-come third release - title still being cooked up in the pot - include Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays, Black Grape), Andre Maz (Yummy Fur) and our very own Shine Eye Gal (Soul Avengers).

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Matmos Take It to the Supreme

Matmos are pleased to announce that on May 6th 2008 Matador Records will release the new album Supreme Balloon as a compact disc, two vinyl long playing records, and as a gallimaufry of digital files through iTunes and other online retailers of note. The album is a pretty wild departure from classical Matmos working methods: no kooky or abject objects were played percussively, no conceptual rubrics or philosophical syllabi are appended, and, hell, no microphones were used at any point in the creation of the record. Instead, "Supreme Balloon" is an ALL SYNTHESIZER ALBUM. Old synths, new synths, MAX patches, one-of-a-kind modular rigs, decrepit consumer electronics of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, boutique effects pedals, tabla drum machines from India: it's all there.
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New Wire Tunes at PinkFlag

If you haven't been keeping up with PinkFlag<.com, Wire's official Web space, now's your chance to do some catching up.  In the Listen area are some new, old, and obscure downloads available for free including some rare versions of old faves and "radio edits" from new future classics.
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Peter Christopherson Unveils SoiSong

Peter Christopherson of Coil is very excited to announce he has convinced Ivan Pavlov to join his new duo, SoiSong. Primarily located on the Eastern Pacific Rim, SOISONG will debut in Japan in March 2008, closely followed by Bangkok, and Singapore, but the band plans also to make some rare appearances in Europe during May June July. They would also play in other regions of space late 2008 and into 2009, if invited by a serious institution.
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Drew Daniel's TG Book is Now Available

THE THIRTY THREE AND A THIRD ANNUAL REPORT OF THROBBING GRISTLE: aka DREW Wrote A Book  Drew Daniel of Matmos and Soft Pink Truth has completed the book about Throbbing Gristle's 20 Jazz Funk Greats album and it's now available  Read on for more details.
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Employ Gæoudjiparl Van Den Dobbelsteen

The Goodiepal, one of Brainwaves Fest's superstars, is looking for work! He offers private lessons in modern music, private concerts and can fix all broken mechanical and electrical objects. But he's also in for more regular jobs. Says the Goodiepal, "I can come to your house or you can come to mine but I might not open the door, this is the freedom I allow myself." A full CV and more information is located here.
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TGV Now Ready For Order

The video archive of Throbbing Gristle is limited to 2000 copies and is now available for pre-order The seven DVD set will be numbered and include a 60-page book. Read on for contents, images, and a link for pre-ordering.
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New Pantaleimon and old NWW available now

Gyllensköld, Geijerstam and I at Ryberg's from Nurse With Wound is finally officially available on CD as well as a brand new Pantaleimon disc, Mercy Oceans. Both are now being sold through Jnana Records Web site as well as Durtro.com. The official store release for each is not until November but orders can be made now
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Kranky to Reissue Labradford Debut

According to Kranky, Prazision LP has finally been given a "proper" mastering job for the first time and will be available again on CD November 12th. This edition of the CD includes for the first time on CD "Preserve the Sound Outside," the B-side to Labradford's first single, "Everlast," which was tagged on as a bonus to the original CD.
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Wire Announce Read & Burn 03

Wire have just announced on their official Web site and through a newsletter that they are picking up the Read & Burn series with volume 03, due November 12th. It features four all new songs which total over 25 minutes.
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Organum Update

A new News item (dated 18 Sept 07), written by David Jackman, has been added to the Organum site and provides a quick update on the forthcoming Omega CD and a 2CD called Aeon (scheduled for 2008). The site has also had some minor cosmetic changes, following specific instructions of David Jackman.
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APTBS hook up with Windish, prep LP

It's official, A Place To Bury Strangers are now hooked up with the mighty Windish Agency and a real tour is in the works. Additionally, Important Records will be issuing their eponymous debut LP on vinyl officially on October 23rd. The CD will continue to be sold through Killer Pimp and Brainwashed at this time.  The second pressing is due to be shipped by September 22nd. All orders will be filled.
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APTBS Sells Out!

Due to the overwhelming response to A Place To Bury Strangers, out now on, uhm, Killer Pimp, our stock has run out However, a re-pressing has been ordered so all who made their orders that weren't fulfilled this past weekend will get their copies eventually. We always loved it here and knew it was a hit, but we didn't realize it would be this big!
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