Brainwashed Announcement List Changes

The Brainwashed Email Announcement List has had a number of problems in the last month so it's being closed down in favor of a brand new one, hosted locally now by our own domain host. Go to to sign up (you can conveniently sign off there too) for announcements on new releases, special events, and other exclusive announcements that don't go on the Web site here.
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DJ Steven Stapleton & Little Annie at Brainwaves

Sadly for Paul Wallfisch, Little Annie's pianist, his band won't be able to tour Europe. Their loss is our gain as Little Annie is back on the program at Brainwaves! Additionally, we've decided to ask Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound back to Brainwaves - this time we'll do it right and have him DJ between sets all weekend long instead of an isolated set. Tickets are on sale now.
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There's a brand new resource for the Legendary Pink Dots, has launched separately from to follow a more interactive path for the fans and band. Over there is a wiki-discography and soon will be a forum, gallery, and various other fan-generatable features. The site here at (or has also undergone a much needed facelift and streamlining and will remain the ultimate LPD archive with the most comprehensive discogrpahy, press releases, interviews, and other archives, although we're still in the process of converting it to a new format of our own!
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David Tibet introduces Anok Pe Current 93

Coptic Cat is the home for Invocation of Hallucinatory Mountain: part one of the new trilogy by Anok Pe Current 93, as explained by David Tibet in an announcement this week. It features seven new tracks, and the lineup which has recorded so far is: John Contreras, Baby Dee, Andria Degens, Andrew Liles, Alex Neilson, David Tibet, and Keith Wood. Contributions from William Breeze, Ossian Brown, Matt Sweeney, and Andrew W.K. are expected shortly and a release date is anticipated for mid-November. Along with the announcement is news of forthcoming digital availability of the entire C93 back catalogue, the introduction of the new label Coptic Cat, details of an exhibit of David Tibet's artwork, and more.
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Coil confesses to the murder of Pasolini

The British Film Institute has just announced the forthcoming release of their DVD/Blu-Ray special edition of Pier Paolo Pasolini's celebrated and controversial film Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom. Among many exclusive special features, the double-disc will include the Coil track "Ostia (The Death of Pasolini)," originally from Horse Rotorvator (1987), "with a newly created video accompaniment, shot especially for this release, by Peter Christopherson." Read on for the complete press release from BFI.
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CV web site gets overhaul

The Cabaret Voltaire web site has been given a much needed facelift, overhaul, and update. Since it's August and we haven't been flooded by 30+ Richard H. Kirk releases this year, it has given us the chance to catch up with things going on in the last couple years. Now there's plenty of links to the multitude of digital-only releases that have become available lately.
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Windy & Carl return in October

Songs for the Broken Hearted is the newest album from Windy & Carl, due October 13th, 2008 on Kranky as a CD or double LP set. In anticipation of its release, we have finally updated the W&C web site with news updates and a facelift. We have also obtained a recording of their hour long performance at Terrastock 7 and have updated the Kranky Podcast (the KrankyKast) to include this.
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Silver Apples and Windy added to Brainwaves

We're excited to announce that Silver Apples and Windy Weber are now confirmed for Brainwaves 2008. There's a good chance that Windy will performing with her friend Thomas Meluch (Benoit Pioulard) on Kranky Day. As for Silver Apples, we hope to schedule them adjacent to Meat Beat Manifesto, as both are mutual admirers, and hope to see some overlap action.  There's two slots left which we are waiting to confirm. Stay tuned!
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Brainwaves Fest 1 DVD 2 & 3 now available

Brainwaves Festival Fundraising is shifting into higher speed right now as the fest draws closer.  We're excited to have sponsors on board and we're now fundraising with two new DVDs from the first fest. Two new DVDs are now available in Brainwashed Commerce : Night 1 part 2 features The Dresden Dolls and Edward Ka-Spel & the Silverman and Day 1 part 1 features Cock ESP, Howard Stelzer, V/Vm, and Goodiepal. We also have some sponsors to announce, so please give them your gratitude.
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Brainwashed Archives launches with Greater Than One reissues

Brainwashed Archives is proud to launch with the entire recorded works from Greater Than One (including all the WaxTrax! years) from 1987-1991. The releases include hours of material never issued before on CD, remastered and re-presented in tasteful replicas of the original vinyl releases. Bonus enhanced content includes quotes from people like Graeme Revell, Scanner, Paul Dickerson, Michael Wells, and others in PDF documents as well as numerous photos, cover scans, music videos and MP3s. The release date is set for September 1st but orders are now being accepted in Brainwashed Commerce. Read on for some free MP3 downloads and more details.
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Charalambides pulls out of Brainwaves

It is with much regret that we announce that Charalambides has pulled out of the Brainwaves Festival. Following two family emergencies the duo have canceled all remaining commitments this year. We extend our deepest sympathies to both Tom and Christina Carter. Since their set was scheduled on the Kranky day, we hope to fill their slot with another Kranky act.
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Brainwaves Seeks Sponsors

It is crucial this early in the game to get sponsors for the 2008 Brainwaves Festival.  We need money to pay for air fare, accommodations, theater rental, insurance, and various other things.  Once again we're offering three levels of sponsorship packages:

Bronze Level: your name in our sponsorship list on future ads and print materials, a link to your Web site from the Brainwaves site, eternal gratitude. ($200)

Silver Level: all the above + a merchandise table for one block (Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, or Sunday afternoon) and two free tickets. ($500)

Gold level: all the above but the merchandise table for the entire festival duration and free ads on for a year. ($1500)
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Legendary Pink Dots go blonde

In a recent email update from the Legendary Pink Dots, it was announced their next full-length album, Plutonium Blonde is now in production with ROIR. Dream Logik 2, on the other hand should be out within a few weeks on Beta-Lactam Ring Records. A tour is taking shape for North America from October-November.
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Peter Christopherson: Benevolent Outsider

Legendary co-founding member of Throbbing Gristle and Coil, Peter Christopherson checks in again with us, this time on his new collaboration with Ivan Pavlov, SoiSong, the legacy of Coil and the ongoing distractions of a pleasant environment.

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Three New GTO tracks available online now

Three new tracks have surfaced from Michael Wells, recording as GTO for the first time in over a decade. "Golfitsta" and "Birdy" can be downloaded from while "Panoramika" can be downloaded from Both are exclusive to these Web sites at this time and if you're searching by label, search for Tik Tok.
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Brainwashed Podcast opens its doors

Due to an overwhelming vote by its listeners, Brainwashed Radio: The Podcast Edition has opened up to include music from non-brainwashed hosted acts and labels, featuring music covered here in the reviews. We will still, however, generously favor music hosted by This week's edition is the first of the new kind and is available now.
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VTB return to the mountains

The Mountains Among Us by Volcano The Bear originally appeared in a super limited vinyl issue in 2002. There were three different versions available at the time, VTB's handmade gatefold sleeve edition of 40, beta lactam ring records box set edition of 100 and a further standard edition of 50 by BLRR.  it has now been reissued as a CD in a beautiful hard back digipack CD, the design coming from one of the original VTB editions, and is limited to 500 copies.
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Strange Attractor feat. Graham Lewis

Strange Attractor, the group featuring Neils from Legendary Pink Dots has a new release coming out with guest vocals from Graham Lewis of Wire and He Said.  That and other new tracks can be heard on their Myspace page.
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New Matmos site and video

The Matmos site has had a facelift in anticipation for Supreme Balloon, due out on May 6th. Additionally, their braind new video for "Exciter Lamp" is now available on the Brainwashed Video Podcast for all to see in a much higher fidelity version than what is currently being offered over at YouTube.
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New Wire, Bruce Gilbert replaced by Margaret Fiedler live

Wire announced on that it has completed work on its 11th studio album, continuing the momentum that began with the band's 2006 reactivation and Read & Burn 03. Dubbed 'Object 47' - 47 representing its position as the 47th release in the Wire discography - the album finds Wire utilising the core writing partnership responsible for Pink Flag, Colin Newman and Graham Lewis. The latest release is described by the band as having "tunes with zoom", and this is best illustrated by the melodic and textural development already suggested by elements of last year's Read & Burn 03.
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