Three New Killer Pimp Releases

Sctatoa ! is the new project of Marc Ngyuen Tan (Colder) and Guillaume Ollendorff Tsé, The Mainstream Ensemble, Dust and Chimes), Live en San Antón is the result of a three day session of improvised music recorded in the barrio San Antón, in the southern Spanish city of Alicante in April 2008.  Ceremony comprises of John and Paul, formed from the ashes of Skywave, and "Someday" is the mega-hit 7" single teaser from their forthcoming LP & CD Rocket Fire. Soundpool is a 5-piece band from NYC whose LP & CD of Mirrors In Your Eyes is also due in 2010 and the 7" for "But It's So" precedes it. All are available through Killer Pimp and will be released on January 26th, 2010. A bundle discount deal is available now through Brainwashed Commerce. Read on for more information including full MP3 downloads!
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The Revenge of the Paranoid Shellfish... IN SPACE!

Expect three new releases from Steven Stapleton's end of the universe between now and the end of November including a reissue of his classic album with Tony Wakeford, Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish, the long-awaited homage to truly cosmic sounds, Space Music, and Paranoia in Hi-Fi, a brand new Nurse With Wound album that is literally selling for pennies. ***UPDATE: Cargo Distribution has confirmed that Forced Exposure will be distributing Paranoia in Hi-Fi to stores across North America however there is no confirmation as to what the price will be at the stores in the US or Canada.
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Join the Party!

Make everyone an imaginary "Mix CD" for our new virtual Mix CD Exchange Party section. Send the tracklist (and only a tracklist) to mixcd at brainwashed. Make sure it is short enough to fit on a disc, avoid shameless self-promotion (ie don't put your own songs on it!), tell us who you are and where you are, and give it a title!
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Help Give Some Orphaned CDs a Home

Here at Brainwashed we're devastated when we hear of labels sending music to the landfills. There's plenty of uses for spare CDs: keep some at the home, office, give to friends, leave at coffee shops, use as coasters, etc...  We're currently trying to unload some CD overruns: CDs that have no artwork. We're giving them away at $1 each and have a number of titles in the Brainwashed Commerce section. 
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Windy & Carl add to their digital catalog

Windy & Carl have made available some popular old and limited titles digitally. Drawing of Sound, Portal, and Akimatsuri (with a bonus track) are now available at Amazon, Amie Street, eMusic, IMVU, iTunes, Lala, LimeWire Store, Napster, Rhapsody, and Shockhound.
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The Eye vol. 17!

The latest DVD of The Eye is available now. This is the first in hopefully a series of a few new DVDs to become available in the next couple months. On Volume 17 are the video features from A Place To Bury Strangers, Valet, White Rainbow, and, coincidentally 17 Pygmies. It's available now in Brainwashed Commerce.
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Diamanda Gal√°s launches new album online

The Cleopatra Set is a brand new collection of music by Diamanda Galás, promising "the most electrifying, previously unreleased performances and exceptional re-interpretations.” The set is going to be available as individual tracks downloadable from as high quality WAV files. The first piece, "A Soul That’s Been Abused," is a Ronnie Earl cover recorded in April 2008 in Paris and is available now.
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The Dark Age of Love is coming

Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Matt Elliott (formerly of Third Eye Foundation), and Yann Tiersen are only a few of the numerous members involved with This Immortal Coil, a project of musicians reinterpreting a small selection of Coil music for an album titled The Dark Age of Love. A Web site has been launched in its anticipation and music from the album can be streamed online. Peter Christopherson has given this collection high praise and pre-orders are already being taken.
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LPD prep for 30 year anniv with unearthed archival material

The Legendary Pink Dots turn 30 in 2010 and are making preparations for the occasion with a myriad of new releases, live shows and other surprises in the months leading up to and stretching beyond the magic birthday itself. The band members have been combing the archives for undiscovered pearls and have unearthed three releases that are now available for purchase directly from the group at Terminal Kaleidoscope.
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Gordon Mumma Back In Business

Gordon Mumma's brainwashed site has received a much-needed overhaul and update, including new photos, more graphic scores and other information. Additionally, Mumma himself is now actively participating in making more content available online and updates promise to be more regular as he works through his archives ands blogs about recent and current events.
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Brainwashed Spring Cleaning 2009

In order to do a little spring cleaning Brainwashed Commerce has dropped the prices on a number of items in the shop. Please take advantage of the savings for the last couple weeks of spring and help clear out the tiny offices of Brainwashed Central. Those who purchase multiple things are most likely to get free gifts tossed in with their order as well!
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Ossian Brown & Stephen Thrower happenings

While there's no official news yet of a new Cyclobe release, Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown have some new activity posted on their Web site recently. Brown has contributed to the new Current 93 recording, Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain, and has supplied artwork for an AOS-themed Absinthe box while Thrower's new project, UnicaZürn, with David Knight, is completing their first release Temporal Blends.
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Brainwashed On Twitter

One of the Brainwashed Contributors signed us up for a spot on Twitter. We don't know exactly what we're doing with it yet but for those who want to follow us, we're at!
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Killer Pimp announces first batch of 2009 releases

Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy, Envenomist, Ulterior, Blood Money, and Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words are part of Killer Pimp's first batch of 2009 releases, due for official release on March 31st.  As an "economic stimulus" special we're offering a pre-order sale of all five for the price of 4 ($9.99 each - which includes free worldwide shipping). See Brainwashed commerce for the special. Read on for descriptions and links to some free downloads and the latest tour dates for A Place To Bury Strangers & All the Saints for Europe & the USA.
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Fridge "Early Output" available for pre-order

A collection of hand-picked pre-Happiness material from Fridge (ie the music on the RIP label Ouput) has been compiled and remastered by the trio for a CD release on Temporary Residence. Early Output 1996-1998 is a single CD collection, featuring six unreleased tracks, due officially on March 15th and Temporary Residence is taking orders now.
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93 Seconds of new C93

David Tibet has announced that the forthcoming full-length release by Anok Pe Current 93, Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain is completed and being prepared for release in May on Coptic Cat. As with many a C93 release there will be a limited version of the release, this time a book and bonus CD featuring music by Tibet along with Andrew Liles and Alex Neilson. For more details and the first 93 seconds of the album free, read on.
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Brainwaves 2008 Goodies

We still have some goodies left over from Brainwaves 2008 available directly here in the Brainwashed Commerce section. All sales go towards breaking even with the costs of this year's fest and operational costs. Your support is appreciated.
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Brainwaves Pix On the Web

There's some photos trickling in to the Brainwashed Group on Flicker as well as some photo collections whose links have been collected in the delicious feed (see below). If you've got pictures, you're encouraged to upload them, share them, and tell us that they're out there and we'll be happy to link to them somehow.
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Set Your Receivers to WZBC (Peter Christopherson & Steven Stapleton now confirmed)

WZBC, 90.3 FM in Boston is a proud sponsor of Brainwaves 2008. Tune in all this week as guests from Brainwaves will be stopping by the studio to give some on-air time. Jonathan Coleclough, Simeon, Steven Stapleton, and Peter Christopherson are on the shortlist. More may be added.  Read below and return to this space for updates.
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Durtro announces new releases and reissues

In a recent mailout, David Tibet has announced the release of Birth Canal Blues Live CD & 12" (with a 3D cover), a 2xCD reissue of Dawn, a 2xCD reissue of Live at Bar Maldoror, a 2xCD reissue of In Menstrual Night, and a purple vinyl repress for Of Rune or Some Blazing Starre. Read on for links to a radio interview with Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound along with The Continuous Accident: an audio/visual collaboration between visual artist/photographer Julia Kramer and Steven Stapleton.
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