Windy & Carl make Akimatsuri available

There is a new Windy & Carl CD. Specially recorded and released for the Brainwaves festival, the new disc is a celebration of the autumn season. Akimatsuri is a 33 minute long journey in five parts, each named for the mood they convey. The disc is limited to 500 hand numbered copies, and comes in a specially designed and made sleeve. 




Michael Babcock of Interrobang Letterpress made the card sleeves, and each one features a beautiful photo by Christy Romanick (responsible for the visuals behind Windy & Carl played at Brainwaves). Ten different photos were used on the covers, so each photo cover is limited to 50 copies. They are truly beautiful, both musically and aesthetically, and are selling quickly. For more information, please contact Windy & Carl directly at blueflea at comcast dot net.