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Yggdrasil, the ash-tree, is the Tree of the Universe. The world expands under its branches. Its a shelter for animals and all beings find their source in it. The tree draws its force from the Fountain of Urdh (a goddess of destiny) then spreads it through the world so it can be. Yggdrasil has two other main roots, each one connected to a fountain. The second root penetrates into the Land of Ices, down to the Fountain of Hvergelmir, the source of all running waters. The third root goes to the Land of the Giants, connecting to the Fountain of Wisdom and Knowledge, the Fountain of Mimir.

Here's two quotes found in the Poetic Edda, a collection of mythological texts from the Scandinavian 8th to 13th century. The following verses are from the "V=F6lupsa," a poem told by a female Diviner, narrating the history of the Universe from Chaos to the golden dawn of the world, through the Golden Age of Gods to the Ragnar=F6k, (Crepuscule of the Gods) and to the final rebirth of it all. At one point, there is a war between 2 families of gods and one of them, Odhinn, gives a pawn (one of his eyes) to Yggdrasil.

'' I know very well, Odhinn
where you hide your eye :
In the Glorious
Well of Mimir.
Mimir drinks hydromel
every morning
in the eye of Odhinn.''


'' The sons of Mimir spreads everywhere
but destiny is consumed
in the burst (brightness ?) of Gjallahorn.
Heimdallr blows
his up-lifted horn ;
Odhinn consults
the Head of Mimir.

Yggdrasil trembles,
the old trunk laments.
The Giant is granted freedom
Everybody chills
on the Road to Hell
before the Father of Surtr
overflows everything.``

provided by Dominic Audy

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