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About Brainwashed Recordings

Brainwashed Recordings is a small little operation that manufactures music from the artists hosted at It's a way to make special items for the fans in limited runs.

Buying the music

Stores who want to sell our music should buy directly from our distributors. Please consult:
Revolver (North America)
CTD Ltd. (North America)
Cargo (Europe & the UK)
If you use another distributor or you are a distributor and want to sell Brainwashed & Killer Pimp releases, please contact us here and specify what items you're interested in and what quantities.

The releases that are available may be purchased at the Brainwashed store.

Demo policy

Only Killer Pimp accepts demos at this time. Please consult Killer Pimp for requirements.

Promo policy

We are willing to send promos to radio stations and publications who are interested in featuring the music. Contact information is located here.

Mailing address

P.O. Box 7
Arlington, MA 02476

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