The Legendary Pink Dots
Stone Circles

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US LP/CD/CS Play It Again Sam BIUS1001
BE LP/CD/CS Play It Again Sam BIAS1001

side a

  1. Love Puppets - [MP3] [PHA2]
  2. Curious Guy - [MP3] [BIAS30]
  3. Black Zone - [MP3] [PHA3]
  4. Hanging Gardens - [IP004]

side b

  1. Golden Dawn - [MP3] [BIAS12]
  2. Fifteen Flies In The Marmalade - [MP3] [BIAS12]
  3. Our Lady In Darkness - [MP3] [BIAS41]
  4. Gladiators Version Apocalypse

The Silver Man
Edward Ka-Spel
various others...

An anthology "best of" album produced for especially the US market.
All tracks except the last one were previously released.