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IR0002Throbbing GristleThe Second Annual Report of...LP1977
IR0003Throbbing GristleUnited/Zyklon B. Zombie7"1977
IR0004Throbbing GristleD.O.A.: The Third and Final Report of...LP1978
IR0005Monte CazazzaTo Mom on Mother's Day7"1979
IR0006The Leather NunSlow Death12"1979
IR0007Thomas Leer and Robert RentalThe BridgeLP1979
IR0008Throbbing Gristle20 Jazz Funk GreatsLP1979
IR0009Throbbing GristleHeathen Earth: the Live Sound ofLP1980
IR0010Monte CazazzaSomething for Nobody7"1980
IR0011Surgical Penis KlinikMeat Processing Section7"1980
IR0012Elisabeth WelchStormy Weather7"1980
IR0013Throbbing GristleSubhuman/Something Came Over Me7"1980
IR0014DorothyI Confess7"1980
IR0015Throbbing GristleAdrenalin/Distant Dreams (Part Two)7"1980
IR0016William S. BurroughsNothing Here Now But The RecordingsLP1980
IR2008Throbbing GristleThe Thirty-Second Annual Report ofLP2008


IRC0Throbbing GristleBest Of Vol. I1976
IRC1Throbbing GristleBest Of Vol. II1977
IRC2Throbbing GristleAt the ICA1977
IRC3Throbbing GristleAt the Air Gallery/Winchester1977
IRC4Throbbing GristleAt the Nag's Head, High Wycombe1977
IRC5Throbbing GristleAt the Brighton Polytechnic1977
IRC6Throbbing GristleAt Nuffield Theatre, Southampton1977
IRC7Throbbing GristleAt the Rat Club1977
IRC8Throbbing GristleAt the Highbury Roundhouse1977
IRC9Throbbing GristleAt the Art School Winchester1977
IRC10Throbbing GristleAt the Rat Club1977
IRC11Throbbing GristleAt the Brighton Polytechnic1978
IRC12Throbbing GristleAt The Architectural Association1978
IRC13Throbbing GristleAt Goldsmith's College1978
IRC14Throbbing GristleAt The Industrial Training College1978
IRC15Throbbing GristleAt the London Film Makers Co-Op1978
IRC16Throbbing GristleAt the Crypt Club1978
IRC17Throbbing GristleAt Centro Iberico1979
IRC18Throbbing GristleAt Ajanta Cinema1979
IRC19Throbbing GristleAt Now Society1979
IRC20Throbbing GristleAt the Factory1979
IRC21Throbbing GristleAt Guild Hall1979
IRC22Throbbing GristleAt the Y.M.C.A.1979
IRC23Throbbing GristleIn the Studio1979
IRC24Throbbing GristleAt Butlers Wharf1980
IRC25Throbbing GristleAt Leeds Fan Club1980
IRC26Throbbing GristleAt Scala Cinema1980
IRC27The Leather NunScala Cinema/Music Palais Kungsgatan1980
IRC28Monte CazazzaLive at Leeds Fan Club/Scala Cinema1980
IRC29Throbbing GristleAt Goldsmiths College1980
IRC30Throbbing GristleAt Oundle Public School1980
IRC31Clock DVAWhite Souls in Black Suits1980
IRC32Chris CarterThe Space Between1980
IRC33Throbbing GristleAt Sheffield University1980
IRC34Richard H. KirkDisposable Half Truths1980
IRC35Cabaret Voltaire1974-19761980
TG24Throbbing Gristle24 Hours1980
IRCAThrobbing GristleInterview1980
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