6/2/2002 - 6/8/2002

Hans Appelqvist - Tonefilm CD (Komplott, Sweden)
Clan of Xymox - Remixes From The Underground 2xCD (Metropolis, US)
Tony Conrad - Archival Series Vol. 1 CD (Table Of The Elements, US)
Dabrye - instrmntl LP (Eastern Developments, US)
Desert - I See The Light two 12"s/CDEP (Future Groove/Mute, UK)
DJ Cheb I Sabbah - Krishna Lila CD (Six Degrees, US)
DJ Shadow - The Private Press CD/2xCD/2xLP [2xCD edition is limited and includes exclusive material] (Island/Universal, US/UK)
Enon - High Society CD/LP (Touch & Go, US)
Guided By Voices - Everywhere With Helicopter 7" (Fading Captain, US)
Interpol - Interpol CDEP (Matador, US)
* New Order - World In Motion CDEP [reissue] (London, UK)
Orbital - Work 1989-2002 CD/2xLP [retrospective collection] (London, UK)
* The Pilot Ships - There Should Be An Entry Here CD [reissue] (Bluesanct, US)
* Plastiq Phantom - Enjoy The Art of Lying Down CD [reissue] (Imputor?, US)
* Pleaseeasaur - As Seen On TV CD [reissue] (Imputor?, US)
Archer Prewitt - Three CD/LP (Thrill Jockey, US)
The Remote Viewer - Here I Go Again On My Own CD/LP (City Centre Offices, Germany/UK)
Rothko - A Continual Search for Origins CD/LP (Too Pure, UK)
Rumah Sakit - Obscured By Clowns CD (Temporary Residence, US)
San Agustin - The Expanding Sea 3xCD (Table Of The Elements, US)
Silkworm - Italian Platinum CD/LP (Touch & Go, US)
Sonna/Sybarite/Lilienthal - Collaboration CDEP (Temporary Residence, US)
Speedy J - Loudboxer CD/2xLP (Novamute, US/UK)
Swearing At Motorists - This Flag Signals Goodbye CD/LP (Secretly Canadian, US)
Tarentel - Ephemera CD [collection of rare/out-of-print singles & EPs] (Temporary Residence, US)
Yume Bitsu - The Golden Vessel Of Sound, Part 4; The Moths Of Ruin And The City In The Sky CD (K Records, US)
Zorn - Apnoe EP (Lux Nigra, Germany)


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5/26/2002 - 6/2/2002

Adam F featuring MOP - Stand Clear 12"/CDEP [12" available as limited picture disc and regular vinyl edition] (Kaos, UK)
Aquasky vs Masterblaster - Beat The System 2xCD (Botchit & Scarper, UK)
Alex Amoon - I'm The Virus! 12" (Bpitch Control, Germany)
Atjazz - Lab Results CD [remix album with mixes by Dzihan & Kamien, Chateau Flight, King Britt, Dixon and more] (Mantis, UK)
Band Of Holy Joy - Love Never Fails CD (Rough Trade, UK)
Bauri/Novel 23 - split 7" (Awkward Silence, UK)
John Beltran/Fantasista - Bota Foga/Offside Trap 12" (Ubiquity, US)
Black Faction - Manchestique Concrete 12" (Dalriada, UK)
Boom Bip - Mannequin Hand Trapdoor I Reminder 12" (Lex, UK)
* Boom Bip & DoseOne - Circle CD/2xLP (Leaf, UK)
Danny Breaks - Vibrations CD/2xLP (Droppin' Science, UK)
* Broadway Project - Compassion 2xCD [reissue with bonus disc] (Memphis Industries, UK)
Buckfunk 3000/Tipper - Sound Off Sampler 1 12" (Fuel, UK)
* Burning Rome - Chaos Theory in Practice CD [reissue with new packaging] (Circumvent/Mad Monkey, US)
Cinematic Orchestra - Everyday CD/LP (Ninja Tune, Canada/US)
Clubsessel - Clubsessel CD (K2O, Germany)
* Coldcut/Various - Journeys By DJ: 70 Minutes Of Madness CD [reissue of this classic DJ mix] (Journeys By DJ, US/UK)
Das Ich - Anti-Christ CD (Metropolis, US)
* Delarosa+Asora - Crush The Sight-seers 12"/CDEP [reissue with bonus track on CDEP] (Pearineel/Hefty, US)
Depeche Mode - One Night In Paris DVD/VHS [live concert film] (Mute, UK)
Digital - Dubzilla CD (Function, UK)
Dillinja & Lemon D - Big Bad Bass 2xCD/5xLP (Valve, UK)
* Golden Boy with Miss Kittin - Or CD/2xLP (Illustrious, UK)
Guided By Voices - Cheyenne 7" (Fading Captain, US)
Lowfish - Maintain the Tension 12"/CDEP (Suction, Canada)
Lucky Pierre - Angels On Your Body 7" (Melodic, UK)
Maps and Diagrams/Broca - split 7" (Cactus Island, UK)
Robert Miles - Connections 12" [mixes by Punk A Fro & 2nd Gen] (Salt, UK)
Mina - Expander LP+7" [remix album with mixes by Rechenzentrum, Schneider TM, Sitcom Warriors and more] (Bungalow, UK)
morceaux_de_machines - liberum arbitrium CD (No Type, Canada)
Mr. Scruff - Shrimp 12"/CDEP (Ninja Tune, UK)
Múm - Loksins erum vid engin CD [same music as Finally We Are No One with vocals in Icelandic] (Bad Taste, Iceland)
Phill Niblock - G2,44+/x2 CD/LP (Drag City/Moikai, US)
Orbital - Rest CDEP (London, UK)
Orbital - Play CDEP (London, UK)
Orbital - Rest & Play 12" (London, UK)
* Pluxus - European Union CD/LP (Rocket Girl, UK)
Primordial Nature - Magnetik 12" (Audio Beyond, Sweden)
Psychick Warriors of Gaia - The Key 2xLP (Terminal Antwerp, Belgium)
Relaxo Abstracto - Inflatable Scream 12" (Music for Speakers, Netherlands)
Anthony Rother - Die Macht 12" (Planet Vision, Germany)
Q-Burns Abstract Message - Re-Routed: The Invisible Airline Remixes CD [with mixes by Hakan Lidbo, Thunderball, King Britt and more] (Eighth Dimension, US)
Kevin Shea/Adam Sonderberg/Dan Warburton - Folktales No. 3 3xCD3" [ltd to 300 copies] (Crouton, US)
Sie - Lost Control 12" (Pussyfoot, UK)
Sierpinski - This Geography Of Ours CD (Jonathon Whiskey, UK)
Sonar Lodge - Interior Backgrounds 12" (Music for Speakers, Netherlands)
Steroid Maximus - Ectopia CD (Ipecac, US)
The Suntanama - The Suntanama CD/LP (Drag City, US)
Super_Collider - Raw Digits CD/2xLP (Rise Robots Rise, UK)
Swayzak - Make Up Your Mind 12" (K7, Germany)
David Sylvian - Camphor CD/2xCD [anthology of instrumental tracks and collaborations with many new mixes] (Virgin, UK)
John Tejada - Music For Doubles 12" [with Daniel Bell mix] (Palette, US)
Thug/Various - Thug Remixed CD [remix album with mixes by Boulderdash, Lackluster, Sense, Quark Kent, Telafonica, Southern Outpost, Kettle, Jeff Shoemaker, Groovescooter, Pimmon and more] (Aural Industries, Australia)
Timtim Snowflake 7" (Spielwiese/Bpitch Control, Germany)
Tricky - A Ruff Guide CD [best of collection] (Island, UK)
RJ Valeo/Acustic - split LP (Hobby Industries, Denmark)
Various - Machine Funk Specialists Part 1 12" (Rotter's Golf Club, UK)
Various - Machine Funk Specialists Part 2 12" (Rotter's Golf Club, UK)
Various - Machine Funk Specialists CD [with Radioactive Man, Klart, Rude Solo, Craig Walsh and more] (Rotter's Golf Club, UK)
Various - Misery Loves Company CD/2xLP [with Solvent & Skanfrom, Lowfish, Adult., Gold Chains, Magas and more] (Ersatz Audio, US)
Venetian Snares - Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006 CD/2xLP (Planet µ, UK)
V/Vm - Sometimes, Good Things Happen version 1.1 CD (V/Vm, UK)
V/Vm - Sometimes, Good Things Happen version 1.2 CD (V/Vm, UK)
Zion Train - Original Sounds Of The Zion CD (Universal Egg, UK)
* Zoffy - Zo Zo Zo Zo Zoffy!!! LP [reissue of precious CD release on pink, blue and black vinyl, limited to 200 copies of each colour] (Synesthetic Recordings, Norway)


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5/19/2002 - 5/25/2002

Dot Allison - We Are Science CD/LP (Mantra, UK)
Laurie Anderson - Live At Town Hall: New York City Sept 19-20 2001 2xCD (Nonesuch, US)
Aquasky vs, Masterblaster - Beat The System 4xLP (Botchit & Scarper, UK)
Asa-Chang & Junray - Hana 12" (Leaf, UK)
Babalu - The Ultra Wide Band Meets The Mighty Babalu Pt. 2 CD (Kindercore/Electronic Watusi Boogaloo, US)
Baby Dee - Love's Small Song 2xCD (Durtro/World Serpent, UK)
Boyracer - To Get A Better Hold... CD (555, US)
Bright Lights - Bright Lights CD (555, US)
* Capitol K - Island Row CD (Beggars Banquet, US)
Christ - Pylonesque LP (Benbecula, Scotland)
* Cujo [Amon Tobin] - Adventures in Foam 2xCD/2xLP [reissue with bonus material] (Ninja Tune, UK)
Desert - I See The Light 12" (Future Groove/Mute, US)
DJ Shadow - You Can't Go Home Again 12"/CDEP (Island/Universal, UK)
DJ Spooky/Various - Modern Mantra CD (Shadow, US)
Kevin Drumm - Sheer Hellish Miasma CD (Mego, Austria)
Figurine - The Discard CDEP (555, US)
Fila Brazillia - We Build Arks 12" [mixes by Q Burns Abstract Message & Hawke] (23, UK)
Folie - Misspass CD (Mitek, Sweden)
Freq Nasty/Various - Y4K: Next Level Breaks CD/3xLP/three sampler 12"s (Distinctive Breaks, UK)
Guardner - Somedays In My Life CD (Electrolux, Germany)
David Grubbs - Rickets & Scurvy CD/LP (Fat Cat, UK)
Guided By Voices - Back to the Lake 7" (Fading Captain, US)
The Herbaliser - Something Wicked 12"/CDEP (Ninja Tune, UK)
HOH - I Wanna Be A Rhythm CD (Fuck Subtle Recordings, Norway)
Edward Ka-Spel - O'er a shalabast'r tyde strolt ay LP (Beta-Lactam Ring, US)
Naoki Kenji - Denshi Ongaku CD (Electrolux, Germany)
Kettel - Smiling Little Cow CD/2xLP (Neo Ouija, UK)
Kid 606/DJ Rupture - split 7" (Tigerbeat6, US)
Kid 606/Printed Circuit - split 7" (Tigerbeat6, US)
The Loveletter Band - Even The Pretty Girls CD (555, US)
Marumari - The Remixes CD [mixes by Electric Company, To Rococo Rot, Lusine, Cex, Greg Davis, Casino vs. Japan, Lackluster and Stars As Eyes] (Carpark, US)
März - Love Streams CD/LP (Karaoke Kalk, Germany)
Takagi Masakatsu - Opus Pia DVD/CD (Carpark, US)
MRI - All That Glitters CD/2xLP (Force Tracks, Germany)
Múm - Finally We Are No One CD/2x10" (Fat Cat, UK)
Nurse With Wound - Man With the Woman Face LP [limited clear vinyl edition] (United Dairies/World Serpent, UK)
Pan American - Renzo 12" (Vertical Form, UK)
Pantytec - Pony Slaystation CD (Perlon, Germany)
Posthuman - Posthuman CD/LP (Seed, UK)
Printed Circuit - Acrobotics CDEP (555, US)
Psychic TV - Snowflake 7" picture disc [ltd to 200 copies] (Klanggalerie, Austria)
Radioactive Man - Dive & Lie Wrecked 12" (Rotter's Golf Club, UK)
Sica - Partially Function Stub CD (Neo Ouija, UK)
Sol Invictus - Thrones LP [limited signed edition] (Tursa/World Serpent, UK)
Souvenir - There Is Only One Thing Left Now 7" (Tummy Touch, UK)
Speedy J - Bugmod 12"/CDEP (Novamute, UK/US)
Sutekh/Swayzak - Wavemail Project 12" (Two Hundred & Forty Volts, UK)
The The - 45 RPM: The Singles Of The The 2xCD (Columbia/Epic, UK/US)
Various - A Room Full Of Tuneful CD [with Chessie, Minotaur Shock, Pedro, Empire State and more] (Melodic, UK)
Various - Australian Pop CD (555, US)
Various - Documenta II CD/2xLP [with Mice Parade, Tarwater, Savath & Savalas, Lali Puna, Labradford and more] (Agenda, UK)
Various - Friendly Selection CD (Beatservice, Norway)
Various - Instrumentals: Staedtizism 3 CD/2xLP [with Andrew Pekler, Bus, Kit Clayton, John Tejada and more] (~scape, Germany)
Various - Mission Three: Establishing Electronix Network CD/2xLP [with Adult, Jolly Music, Mat101, Marco Passarani and more] (Nature, Italy)
Various - Roots Of Dub Funk 2 CD (Tanty, UK)
Luke Vibert/Various - Firther Nuggets CD (Lo, UK)
James Yorkston & The Atheletes - St. Patrick CD/LP (Domino, UK)


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5/12/2002 - 5/19/2002

Adam F & J Majik - Metrosound 12" (Kaos, UK)
Akufen - Deck The House 12" (Force Inc., Germany)
The Angel - Dark Days (Inner Power) 12" (Supa Crucial, US)
* Banco de Gaia - Last Train To Lhasa 2xCD [reissue with bonus remix disc] (Six Degrees, US)
* Banco de Gaia - Maya CD [reissue] (Six Degrees, US)
Bazeado - Viva A Povo Brasileiro 12" [mixes by Da Lata] (Mr Bongo, UK)
Bluprint - Mathis & Tetchener 12" (Exceptional, UK)
Bobby Hughes Combination - Kerma Elastica 12" (Stereo Deluxe, Germany)
Mark Broom - One 12" (Coda, UK)
Terry Callier with Paul Weller - Brother To Brother CDEP (Mr Bongo, UK)
Cinematic Orchestra - Everyday CD/2xLP (Ninja Tune, UK)
Clinic - Come Into Our Room 7"/CDEP (Domino, UK)
Dom & Roland - Soundwall VIP 12" (Moving Shadow, UK)
Dino Felipe - As Flim Toby CD/2xLP (Schematic, US)
Freq Modif - Larkspur 7" (Obliq, US)
The Fucking Champs - V CD/LP (Drag City, US)
Frederic Galliano - The African Divas 2xCD (F Communications, France)
David Grubbs - Rickets & Scurvy CD/LP (Drag City, US)
Edward Ka-Spel - O'er a shalabast'r tyde strolt ay LP (Beta-Lactam Ring, US)
Le Tigre - Remixes CDEP (Mr. Lady, US)
Looper - The Snare 10"/CDEP (Mute, UK)
Lusine ICL - Iron City CD/2xLP (Hymen, Germany - Mad Monkey, US)
Crix Madine - Yori 7" (Obliq, US)
Massiv in Mensch - Die Rein CD (Artoffact, Canada)
Moby - We Are All Made Of Stars 12" (Mute, UK)
Moby - 18 CD/LP (Mute, UK - V2, US/Canada)
Mr. Velcro Fastener - Otherside Part Two 12" (I220, Germany)
Murcof - Martes CD/LP (Leaf, UK)
Optic Nerve - Optical CD/LP (Delsin, Netherlands)
Patrick Pulsinger - Easy To Assemble Hard To Take Apart #2 12" (Form & Function, Germany)
Psyche - Endangered Species CD (Artoffact, Canada)
Recloose - Cardiology CD/2xLP (K7, Germany)
Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana - Innerzone CD (Projekt, US)
Romulus & Remus - Hekate 10" (Beta-Lactam Ring, US)
Rothko - Red Cells 7" (Too Pure, UK)
Rukkus - Big Fly 12" (No U-Turn, UK)
Ruts DC vs Mad Professor vs Zion Train - Rhythm Collision Vol 1 & Remix Versions 2xCD (Select Cuts, Germany)
Silk Saw - Walksongs LP (Ant-Zen, Germany)
Sote - Electric Deaf 12"/CDEP (Warp, UK)
Sound - Screaming Zenith 2xLP (Beta-Lactam Ring, US)
John Tejada - Autoresponder 12" (Krush Grooves, UK)
John Tejada - Daydreams in Cold Weather CD/2xLP (Plug Research, US)
John Tejada/Klute - No Trust 12" (Violence, UK)
Terranova - B Sides & Remix Sessions CD (Copasetik, UK)
Various - Lost & Found 2xCD (Foundry/Hypnos, US)
Voltaire - Boo Hoo CD (Projekt, US)
Susumu Yokota & Rothko - Waters Edge 12" (Lo Recordings, UK)


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05/05/2002 - 05/12/2002

- Crab Nebula 7" (City Centre Offices, Germany/UK)
Fort Lauderdale - Flux 1912 10"/CDEP (Memphis Industries, UK)
Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman - Secret Rhythms CD (Nonplace, Germany)
Manual - Ascend CD/LP (Morr Music, Germany)
Upper Rooms - Canti Popolari CD (Beatservice, Norway)
Susumu Yokota - Sound of Sky CD/LP (Exceptional, UK)

Blevin Blectum - Talon Slalom CD (Deluxe, US)
Cul de Sac - Live @ WBRS CD (Strange Attractors, US)
Greg Davis/Don Mennerich - split 7" (Autumn, US)
Diagram of Suburban Chaos - Status Negatives CD (Imputor?, US)
Early Day Miners - Let Us Garlands Bring CD/2xLP (Secretly Canadian/Western Vinyl, US)
* Fridge - Eph 2xCD [reissue with bonus disc of rare/unreleased tracks] (Temporary Residence/Brainwashed, US)
Icon of Coil - The Soul is in the Software CD (Metropolis, US)
Oneida - Each One, Teach One 2xLP (Version City, US)
Planetarium Music - Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music: Planet 2 CD (Strange Attractors, US)
Racebannon - Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In Pts. 1 & 2 7" (Secretly Canadian, US)
Rope - Fever CDEP (Family Vineyard, US)
San Augustin with Suzanne Langille - Passing Song CDEP (Family Vineyard, US)
Sonna - Kept Luminesce/Mirameko CDEP (Temporary Residence, US)
Spokane - Able Bodies CD (Jagjaguwar, US)
St. Thomas - I'm Coming Home CD (Misra, US)
Swearing At Motorists/Spoon - split 7" (Super Asbestos, US)
Thee More Shallows - Thee More Shallows CD (Megalon, US)
Trans Am - T.A. CD/LP (Thrill Jockey, US)
Tom Waits - Alice CD (Anti/Epitaph, US)
Tom Waits - Blood Money CD (Anti/Epitaph, US)
Yume Bitsu - The Golden Vessel Of Sound, Part 4; The Moths Of Ruin And The City In The Sky 2xLP (K Records, US)

Fanny - Fear & Loathing For Dummies CD (Mirex, Germany)

Black Lung & Xingu Hill - The Andronechron Incident CD (Ant-Zen, Germany)

Daiphlux - mbrnjnftr CD/LP (Aim, Belgium)
Sonic Dragolgo - Sweet Pain 7" (Mirex, Germany)

I8U - grasshopper morphine CDR [limited to 311 copies] (Piehead, Canada)
David Kristian - My Three Suns CDR [limited to 311 copies] (Piehead, Canada)
Teknostep - Music for Short Attention Spans CD (nice+smooth, Canada)
Teknostep - Feeling 12" (nice+smooth, Canada)
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04/28/2002 - 05/04/2002

A Small Good Thing - Slim Westerns II CD/2xCD/3xLP [2xCD and 3xLP limited editions include original Slim Westerns album from 1994] (Leaf, UK)
Magali Babin - Chemin de fer CD (No Type, Canada)
* Cujo [Amon Tobin] - Adventures in Foam 2xCD/2xLP [reissue with bonus material] (Ninja Tune, UK)
Cursor Miner - Remote Control 12" (Lo Recordings, UK)
Flunk - For Sleepyheads Only CD/LP (Beatservice, Norway)
Jazzanova - In Between CD/LP (Compost, Germany)
Moby - We Are All Stars 12"/two CDEPs (Mute, UK)
Múm - Green Grass Of Tunnel 7"/CD3" (Fat Cat, UK)
Andrew Pekler - Station To Station CD/LP (~scape, Germany)
Plaid - P-Brane 12"/CDEP (Warp, UK)
Super_Collider - Messagesacomin 12" (Rise Robots Rise, UK)
Susumu Yokota - Sound of Sky CD/LP (Exceptional, UK)

* Army of the 23 Monkeys - Further Down the Rabbit Hole CD [reissue with new packaging] (Circumvent/Mad Monkey, US)
Plaid - P-Brane 12"/CDEP (Warp, US)
Savak - The Taliban Pistol CD (Unit, US)
Tino [Jack Dangers & friends] - Tino's Breaks Vol. 1 & 2 CD (TinoCorp, US)
Various - Meteosound CD [with Tikiman, Dntel, Bus, Thomas Fehlmann, Rechenzentrum and more] (Meteosound/Select Cuts, Germany)
Various - Masonic 2xCD/4xLP [with Bochum Welt, Scorn, Neutral, Lusine ICL, Somatic Responses, Beefcake, Starfish Pool, Funkstörung, Xingu Hill, Solar X, Dead Hollywood Stars, Venetian Snares, Gridlock and many more] (Hymen, Germany)
Zorn - Apnoe EP (Lux Nigra, Germany)

AS11 - New CD Out Now! CD3" (Antifrost, Greece)
Ilios - ba CD3" (Antifrost, Greece)
Sound - Screaming Zenith 2xLP (Beta-Lactam Ring, US)

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04/21/2002 - 04/27/2002

Cinematic Orchestra
- All That You Give 12"/CDEP (Ninja Tune, UK)
Double Helix - Funxtiles 12" (Rush Hour, The Netherlands)
Kettel - Cenny 12" (DUB, The Netherlands)
M>O>S> - Utilities #2 12" (Rush Hour, The Netherlands)
MUM - The Szabotnik 15 Mission CD/2xLP (Klein, Austria)
* Safety Scissors - Parts Water CD/2xLP (Plug Research, UK)
TTC - Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque CD/LP (Big Dada/Ninja Tune, UK/Canada/US)
Various - Jukebox CD [with Bomb The Bass/Lali Puna, Opiate, Club Off Chaos and more] (Electric Tones, UK)

- Going to the Theatre CD (Projekt, US)
black tape for a blue girl - the scavenger bride CD (Projekt, US)
Kid Sniper - Landlocked CD (High School Champion, Canada)

In The Nursery
- Cause & Effect CD [remix album with mixes by And Also The Trees, Faith & The Muse, Chandeen, Assemblage 23, Haujobb, Flesh Field, Attrition, Ivan Lusco, Electronium and Seize] (ITN, UK)
4m33s - Cage 2xCD (Wide Area Network, US)
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04/14/2002 - 04/20/2002

Chemical Brothers
- Come With Us 12"/CDEP (Freestyle Dust, UK)
Eyeless In Gaza - 6th Sense Singles Collection CD (Cherry Red, UK)
le Fly Pan Am - ceux qui inventent n'ont jamais vécu (?) CD/2xLP (Constellation, Canada)
Pan American - The River Made No Sound CD/2xLP (Kranky, US)
* Safety Scissors - Either Or 12" (Plug Research, UK)
Upper Rooms - Trans Balkan Express 12" (Beatservice, Norway)

Craig Armstrong - As If To Nothing CD (Melankolic/Astralwerks, US)
Exclipsect - Point of Focus CD (Unit, US)
Jivaro - Jivarodelia CD (Kindercore/Electronic Watusi Boogaloo, US)
Multicast - 4213 7" (Obliq, US)
Ted Sturgeon - 4213 7" (Obliq, US)
Ursula 1000 - Kinda Kinky CD/LP (Eighteenth Street Lounge, US)
Various - Brain in the Wire 3xCD [with Legendary Pink Dots, V/Vm, Fridge, Panacea, Cyclobe, Nurse With Wound, Current 93, Matmos, Meat Beat Manifesto, Cex and more] (Brainwashed, US)
Various - Disco Nouveau CD [with Solvent, Lowfish, Adult., Ectomorph, Legowelt, DMX Krew and more] (Ghostly International, US)

Jeff Mills
- Late Night 12" (Tresor Archiv, Germany)
Single Unit - Passion Pirates & Parasites 7" picture disc (Synesthetic Recordings, Norway)
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04/07/2002 - 04/13/2002

Anti Pop Consortium
- Arrhythmia CD/LP (Warp, UK)
Badly Drawn Boy - About A Boy CD/LP (XL Recordings, UK)
Freescha - Slower Than Church Music CD (Shingle Street, UK)
K?hn - Koen 2xCD ((K-RAA-K)3, Belgium)
Main - Tau CD ((K-RAA-K)3, Belgium)
Mind over MIDI vs Tikiman - Champion/Revelation 10" (Beatservice, Norway)
Luke Slater - Alright On Top CD/LP (Mute, UK)
Toss - Great Titles Of... CD ((K-RAA-K)3, Belgium)
TTC - Danser 12" (Big Dada/Ninja Tune, UK/Canada/US)

Peter Benisch - t.b.a. 12" (Eevo Lute, The Netherlands)
D?sormais [Mitchell Akiyama & Joshua Treble] - Climate Variations CD (Intr_version, Canada)
* Die Form - Confessions CD (Metropolis, US)
* Die Form - Ad Infinitum CD (Metropolis, US)
Gr?vis Malt - ...with the spirit of a traffic jam... CD (Lakeshore Records, US)
Informatik - Nymphomatik CD (Metropolis, US)
Lowfish - The Accident Causer 12" (Ersatz Audio, US)
Magas - Bad Blood 12" (Ersatz Audio, US)
Nina Nastasia - The Blackened Air CD/LP (Touch & Go, US)
The National Trust - Dekkagar CD/LP (Thrill Jockey, US)
Of Montreal - Aldhill Arboretum CD (Kindercore, US)
Nobukazu Takemura - Mimic Robot 12" (Thrill Jockey, US)

hellothisisalex - the canadian spelling program CDR [limited to 311 copies] (Piehead, Canada)

Dennis DeSantis - Promotion of Vice 12" (k2o, Germany)
* Dos Tracks [Atom Heart] - :) 2xLP [vinyl reissue of earlier CD release] (Schematic, US)
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03//31/2002 - 04/06/2002

A Certain Ratio - Early 2xCD/2xLP [best of/rarities collection] (Soul Jazz, UK)
Cornershop - Handcream For A Generation CD/LP (Wiiija, UK)
Dimension 5 - Alien Artform CD/2xLP (Delsin, Netherlands)
Future Beat Alliance - Head Ways 12" (Emoticon, UK)
Herrmann & Kleine - Our Noise CD/LP (Morr Music, Germany)
Lasse Marhaug - untitled MP3 on 3.5" floppy disk (Synesthetic Recordings, Norway)
Mclusky - Mclusky Do Dallas CD/LP (Too Pure, UK)
MUM - Boychild 12" (Klein, Austria)
New Order - Here To Stay 12"/two CDEPs/DVD [co-produced by Chemical Brothers, mixes by Felix Da Housecat & others] (London, UK)
Pet Shop Boys - Release CD (Parlophone, UK)
People Like Us - Recyclopedia Britannica CD (Mess Media/Soleilmoon, US)
Susumu Yokota/Rothko - Waters Edge 12" (Lo Recordings, UK)

Anti Pop Consortium - Arrhythmia CD/LP (Warp, US)
Rhys Chatham - A Rhys Chatham Compendium CD (Table Of The Elements, US)
Julie Doiron - Heart & Crime CD/LP (Jagjaguwar, US)
Drekka - Take Care To Fall CD (Bluesanct, US)
Philip Gayle - Moreu Mizu 7" (Family Vineyard, US)
The Iditarod - The Ghost, The Elf, The Cat And The Angel CD (Bluesanct, US)
ishq - Orchid CD (Interchill, Canada)
John Wilkes Booze - Whiskey & Pills 7" (Family Vineyard, US)
Don Lennon - Downtown CD (Secretly Canadian, US)
Little Wings - Wonderue CD (K Records, US)
Marshmallow Coast - Ride The Lightning CD (Misra)
Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Frank Sinatra/DJ Song 12" (Emperor Norton, US)
MX-80 - Lights Out/So Clear 7" (Family Vineyard, US)
Nagisa Ni Te - Feel CD (Jagjaguwar, US)
Parlour - Octopus Off-Broadway CD [ex-members of Crain, The For Carnation and Aerial M] (Temporary Residence, US)
Swearing At Motorists - Along The Inclined Plane CDEP (Secretly Canadian, US)

Oren Ambarchi - Suspension 2xLP (Staubgold, Germany)
Ekkehard Ehlers - Plays Hubert Fichte LP (Staubgold, Germany)
Institut Fuer Feinmotorik - Penetrans CD/LP (Staubgold, Germany)
Zorn - Apnoe EP (Lux Nigra, Germany)
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03/24/2002 - 03/30/2002

Antibalas - Talkatif CD/LP (Ninja Tune, UK)
Badly Drawn Boy - Silent Sigh 7"/two CDEPs (XL Recordings, UK)
Bazille Noir - Türbläser 12" (Klein, Austria)
Thomas Brinkmann - Soul Center III CD/2xLP (Novamute, UK)
Chris Carter - Electronic Ambient Remixes Three CD (CTI/World Serpent, UK) Current 93/Thomas Ligotti - In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land CD+book [reissue of previous limited edition release] (Durtro/World Serpent, UK)
Esem - Enveloped CD/LP (deFocus, UK)
Flunk - Blue Monday CDEP (Beatservice, Norway)
Meltal - Fractured Constellations CDR3" [ltd to 50 copies] (souRcerer/souRce research/World Serpent, UK)
Stephen Philips/Numina - From Within The Abyss CD (Dark Duck, US)
Ruisort - Acapulco Now CD/2xLP (Certificate 18, UK)
Luke Slater - Nothing At All two 12"s/CDEP (Mute, US)
souRce research - Dark Start CDR3" [ltd to 50 copies] (souRcerer/souRce research/World Serpent, UK)
Various - Lo & Behold CD (Lo Recordings, UK)

Jack Dangers - Variaciones CD (Instinct, US)
Joseph Malik - Diverse CD/LP (Compost, Germany)
Sleeping Flies - You Are Superior CD (Kindercore/Electronic Watusi Boogaloo, US)
Tiger Saw - Blessed Are the Trials We Will Find CD (Kimchee, US)
Various - Audio.NL CD [with Motor, Taylor Deupree, Auch, Radboud Mens, Komet, Static, Slo-Fi, Goem] (Shadow, US)
Otomo Yoshihide - New Jazz Ensemble Dreams CD (Tzadik, US)
John Zorn - Hockey CD (Tzadik, US)

meltdownBrown - Music for the Mildly Disturbed CD (Alleged Iguana, Canada)
ill cosby - homesnake CDR (condsc, US)
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03/17/2002 - 03/23/2002

Broadway Project
- For The One 2x7" (Memphis Industries, UK)
* Capitol K - Island Row CD/LP (XL, UK)
Herbaliser - Something Wicked This Way Comes CD/LP (Ninja Tune, UK/Canada/US)
The Orb/Various - Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty Pt 2 2xCD (Deviant, UK)
Pet Shop Boys - Home & Dry 12"/two CDEPs (Parlophone, UK)
Luke Slater - Nothing At All 12"/CDEP (Mute, UK)
Slowpho - Hi-Fi Sounds For Young Norwegians CD/LP (Beatservice, Norway)
Various - Rough Trade Shops: Electronic 01 2xCD [with Brian Eno, Oval, Throbbing Gristle, Aphex Twin, Matmos, Terre Thaemlitz, Kraftwerk, Stereolab, Arovane, Depeche Mode, Coil and more] (Mute, UK)
Xinlisupreme - Tomorrow Never Comes CD (Fat Cat, UK)

Chicago Underground Duo - Axis & Alignment CD/LP (Thrill Jockey, US)
cLOUDDEAD - Sound Of A Handshake 10" (Mush, US)
Giant Sand - Cover Magazine CD/LP (Thrill Jockey, US)
KMFDM - Attak CD (Metropolis, US)
Manuel Migs/Various - Nude Tempo 001 CD (Naked Music/Astralwerks, US)
Ministry - Sphinctour [live album from 1994 tour] (Sanctuary, US)
Playgroup - Playgroup CD (Astralwerks, US)

Bus - Westen 12" (~scape, Germany)
Dimension 5 - Alien Artform CD/2xLP (Delsin, Netherlands)
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10/03/2002 - 16/03/2002

ARC/Aidan Baker - Repercussion CDR [limited to 311 copies] (Piehead, Canada)
Bjork - Cocoon two CDEPs/DVD (One Little Indian, UK)
Dream Long Dead - Vision CDR (Wide Area Network, US)
HNAS - Im Schatten Der Mohre CD (Streamline, US)
Flunk - Miss World 12" (Beatservice, Norway)
Joseph Malik - Take It All In And Check It All Out 12" (Compost, Germany)
Mimir - Mimir CD (Streamline, US)
Papa M - Three Songs CD EP (Drag City, US)
Slowpho - Hotel Sleep, Monsieur? 12" (Beatservice, Norway)
$tinkworx - Todas Las Noches 12" (Delsin, Netherlands)

Cyne - Midas 12" (Botanica del Jibaro/Beta Bodega, US)
Delerium - Archives Vol. 1 2xCD [collection of pre-Nettwerk recordings] (Nettwerk, Canada)
Delerium - Archives Vol. 2 2xCD [collection of pre-Nettwerk recordings] (Nettwerk, Canada)
Hawke - Heatstroke CD (Six Degrees, US)
* Tosca - Suzuki in Dub CD (K7, US)
Void - Suffer Great Nation 12" (Botanica del Jibaro/Beta Bodega, US)
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03/03/2002 - 09/03/2002

Abfahrt Hinwil - Links Berge Rechts Seen CD [anthology of previous singles plus new material] (Toytronic, UK)
Cornershop - Lessons Learned From Rocky I To Rocky III two 7"/two CDEPs (Wiiija, UK)
Decal - 404 Not Found CD (Planet µ, UK)
Koushik - Battle Rhymes 7" (Text, UK)
Limp - Orion CD/LP (Morr Music, Germany)
Req - Sketchbook CD/LP (Warp, UK)
Sandoz - Sandoz In Dub: Chant To Jah CD/LP (Soul Jazz, UK)

Adult. - Run Run Crying 7" (Ersatz Audio, US)
Adult. - Misinterpreted 12" [mixes by Solvent, Phoenecia and Alder & Elius] (Ersatz Audio, US)
Ben Watt and Jay Hannan - Lazy Dog Volume 2 CD (Astralwerks, US)
Lazyfish/Mewark - Lazyfish/Mewark CD (K2O, Germany)
Playgroup - Playgroup CD (Astralwerks, US)
Req - Sketchbook CD/LP (Warp, US)
Pete Shelley & Howard Devoto - buzzkunst CD (spinART, US)
Various - My House In Montmartre CD (Astralwerks, US)
Various - Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau CD/3x12" [with I-F, Solvent, Adult., Ectomorph, Lowfish, DMX Krew, Susumu Yokota, Mat-101 and more] (Ghostly International, US)
VNV Nation - Futureperfect CD (Metropolis, US)

Various - Whitney Biennial CD [with Richard Chartier, Stephen Vitiello, DJ Olive, Meredith Monk and more] (Whitney Museum of American Art, US)

Various - Kitty-Yo Compilation 2002 CD (Kitty Yo, Germany)
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24/02/2004 - 03/03/2005

Beige - Ein K?nigreich F?r Eine Handgranate CD (Nonplace, Germany)
Capitol K - Pillow 12"/CDEP (XL Recordings, UK)
Herbaliser - Good Girl Gone Bad 12"/CDEP (Ninja Tune, UK/Canada/US)
New World Romantics - Spirit 12" [ltd edition] (Delsin, Netherlands)
Pete Shelley & Howard Devoto - buzzkunst CD (Cooking Vinyl, UK)
Ultra-red/Anna Planeta - split 12" (Fat Cat, UK)
Various - Lo & Behold CD [with EU, Cursor Miner, Susumu Yokota/Rothko, Tom Jenkinson and more] (Lo Recordings, UK)
* Cranes - Future Songs CD (Instinct, US)

X-ecutioners - Built from Scratch CD (Loud, US)

Templegradens - Done Rooms CD (Ant-Zen, Germany)
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12/23/2001 - 12/30/2001

Cabaret Voltaire - Original Sound Of Sheffield CD [collection of 12" versions and remixes from the Virgin albums] (EMI, UK)


Various - 12x CD (Dark Duck, US)


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12/16/2001 - 12/23/2001

Bjork - Live At Cambridge 1998 DVD [NTSC format] (One Little Indian, UK)
Bjork - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire 1997 DVD [NTSC format] (One Little Indian, UK)
Bjork - MTV Unplugged 1994 DVD [NTSC format] (One Little Indian, UK)
DJ Maxximus - Mercedes Bentley Vs Versace Armani 12"/CDEP (Warp, UK)
Decal - Moylough 7" [with µ-Ziq remix] (Planet µ, UK)
Drowsy - Harmless 7" (Fat Cat, UK)
* Konstruktvist - Persona Non Grata CD-R [reissue ltd to 50 copies] (Klanggalerie, Austria)
Moped Endo [Pub and Lucky & Easy] - EP 1 12" (Ampoule, Scotland)
New Order - Someone Like You 12"/2x12" (London, UK)
Roedelius featuring Rapoon - Evermore CD [ltd to 500 copies] (Klanggalerie, Austria)
Xinlisupreme - All You Need Is Love Was Not True 7" (Fat Cat, UK)


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12/9/2001 - 12/16/2001

Dntel - Anywhere Anyone 12" (Plug Research, US)
Erasure - Moon & The Sky Plus CD (Mute, UK)
Vincent Gallo - So Sad 12"/CDEP (Warp, UK/US)
Gauge - The Gatehouse 12" (Pause_2, UK)
ISAN - Exquisite Honeyed Tart 7" (Static Caravan, UK)
Sami Koivikko - Kut Pulatin Pt. 2 12" (Shitkatapult, Germany)
* Roots Manuva - Join The Dots 12" (Big Dada/Ninja Tune, UK)
Squarepusher - untitled 12" (Warp, UK)
V & A [Erasure] - Moon & The Sky 12" (Mute, UK)
Various - RND_0.34873349921 CD [with COM.A, Sybarite, EU, Metamatics, Quinoline Yellow, Wauvenfold, Andreas Tilliander, Zan Lyons, The Boy Lucas, Draven Tanks, mati:k, Novel23, Carthage, Maps and Diagrams] (Pause_2, UK)
Yellow 6 - Lake Desert CD (Ochre, UK)


* Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At 12"/CDEP (Astralwerks, US)
Beatless - Dominant/Rock On 12" (Ubiquity, US)
Beatless - Like Sugar Like Rain/The Truth 12" (Ubiquity, US)
Richard Devine - Aleamapper CD/2xLP (Schematic, US)
Fad Gadget - The Best of Fad Gadget 2xCD (Mute, US)
Cuica - Trommel Monster 12" (Ubiquity, US)


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12/2/2001 - 12/9/2001

Beige - Non-Profit 12" (Nonplace, Germany)
Erasure - Singles Box Vol. 3 5xCDEP (Mute, UK)
Erasure - Singles Box Vol. 4 5xCDEP (Mute, UK)
Mouse On Mars - Agit Itter It It 12" [initial 1000 copies include live 7"] (Sonig, Germany)
Pest - Slap on Tap/Hlazy 7" (Ninja Tune, UK/Canada/US)
Joe Silva - The One 12" (Nordic Trax, Canada)
Sense/Phonex - split 10" [first in a series of 10 split 10" releases by various artists] (Neo Ouija, UK)
Station 17 - Hitparade CD [remix album with mixes by Pole, Kreidler, To Rococo Rot, FM Einheit, Thomas Fehlmann and more] (Mute, UK)


The Circus of the Scars - Home is Where the Hurt Is CD (Beta-Lactam Ring, US)


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11/25/2001 - 12/5/2001

A Certain Ratio/Human League - Shack Up/Being Boiled 12" (Soul Jazz, UK)
The Bug - Seismic 12" (Morpheus, UK)
Four Tet - Paws 12"/CDEP [mixes by Manitoba, Koushik and boom bip] (Domino, UK)
Koop - Summer Sun 12" (JCR/Compost, Germany)
Kuchen - Kids With Sticks CD (Karaoke Kalk, Germany)
Manitoba - Give'r 12"/CDEP (Leaf, UK)
S.I. Futures [Si Begg] - Freestyle Disco two 12"s/CDEP (Mute, UK)
Various - Other Animals CD [with Funkstorung, +one, Yee-King, Plod, Fibla, 8-bit Orchestra, Disjunction Reunion & others] (Couchblip!, Australia)
Various - Vertical Forms CD/2xLP [with Isan, Monolake, Funkst?ung, Kid 606, Vladislav Delay, Smyglyssna, Thomas Fehlmann, EU, Bola and M?] (Vertical Form, UK)


* Autechre - Chiastic Slide CD (Warp, US)
* Brothomstates - Qtio 12" (Warp, US)
Caural - Paint 12"/CDEP (Chocolate Industries, US)
Diverse - Move 12"/CDEP (Chocolate Industries, US)
Otto Von Schirach - Escalo Frio CD/2xLP (Schematic, US)
* Squarepusher - Buringn'n Tree CD (Warp, US)
* Squarepusher - Hard Normal Daddy CD (Warp, US)
* Squarepusher - Selection Sixteen CD (Warp, US)


Calico - Laconic Elements 12" (Audio Beyond, Sweden)


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