DAMP, the long awaited album by FOETUS is now available exclusively from the Foetus
shoppe at www.foetus.org! You wont find this in stores or from any other online retailer.

This 72+ minute CD contains previously unreleased material recorded in the last couple of
years. Along with newly recorded material, some of the material was originally written
during the LOVE sessions . Also included are collaborations with Rotoskop and the Melvins
and a remix by Phylr. JG Thirlwell regards DAMP as a "satellite" album to the last FOETUS
release LOVE. The DAMP cover is a deluxe ten panel foldout on heavy card with lyrics,
featuring photos and design by JG Thirlwell. The complicated printing process involves
spot hi gloss lamination which took a long time to perfect in the printing process.

You can hear excerpts from the album at www.foetus.org

01) I Hate You All [03:26] (2003, mixed 2006) Originally commissioned for Japanese
recording artist Atsushi, this furious big band stormer appears here performed by JGT for
the first time. *previously unreleased.

02) Antabuse [01:51] (2006) A brand new instrumental composition. *previously

03) Chimera [04:55] (2004, mixed 2006) A lullaby/hymn originally written for the LOVE
album. *previously unreleased.

04) Into the Light [06:33] (1995, improved 2006) The definitive version of a the track
that previously appeared on Null, this is the definitive version with a different improved
second movement. *previously unreleased.

05) Shrunken Man [05:00] (1999) This is a radical reinterpretation of a song by The The;
it was commissioned by JGT's dear pal Matt Johnson and previously only appeared on the
very limited The The Interpretations EP. Remastered 2006.

06) Mine is No Disgrace (w/Melvins) [08:23] (2000) JGT's collaboration with the Melvins;
it previously appeared on the Melvins The Crybaby album. Remastered 2006.

07) Hemo the Cuckold [07:29] (2004) This unusual epic was originally written around
the time of the LOVE album. *previously unreleased.

08) Not In Your Hands [05:20] (2005) The classic track previously on the (not adam) EP;
this is a re-mastered version.

09) Paging Dr Strong (w/Rotoskop) [03:18] (2003) This track previously appeared on the
Rotoskop album revolution:lost, but this is the raw demo version with a different mix.
*previously unreleased.

10) Blessed Evening (Phylr remix) [04:12] (2006) A remix of the blessed evening track
from LOVE by Jim Coleman, JGT's partner in Baby Zizanie (aka Phylr and Here; ex-Cop
Shoot Cop). *previously unreleased.

11) Sieve [05:00] (2006) This was performed by versions of the Foetus live ensemble for
a couple of tours. Initially written as a live track, this is the first time a studio version has
existed. It is newly recorded for DAMP. *previously unreleased

12) Cold Shoulder [16:08] (2006) A brand new sixteen minute instrumental. *previously

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