Announcing the debut of a new collaboration

NOVEMBER is an extraordinary collaboration between film soundtrack composer and 'The Young God's' drummer Bernard Trontin and Simon Huw Jones, singer/lyricist of 'And Also The Trees'.

Their blend of music, that unites deep, electronic sound-waves, low- fi loops, glitches and rhythmic pulses with a vocal that drifts from subtle melody to poetic narrative is unique and will interest fans of Nick Cave and Stuart Staples as well as anyone into dark-ambient music such as Biosphere, Boards of Canada and Coil.

NOVEMBER is a unique experience and a masterpiece of electro-acoustic. This is Shayo 010 coming as a deluxe digipack, with booklet, mastering by Denis Blackham (Biosphere, In Gowan Ring, ...).

You can have a brief taste of the evocative music they've come up with here:

November at Strange Fortune

NOVEMBER is a Shayo release distributed in North America by Strange Fortune. Expected ship date in North America will be December 7th.

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