K-The-I??? offers the world "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" for the world's listening pleasure. K-The-I??? hopes that all that juicy, golden listening pleasure doesn't cause the world to explode out its ears as he rather likes the world and eats most of his meals there.


 K-The-I??? "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow"

Check out the track "Decisions" from Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow here .

 Mush Records is proud, like a father who just gave birth through his penis on purpose, to announce our second full-length from K-The-I???, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. The album will be in stores Nov. 7, 2008 which, by all human measurements of time, means that IT IS ALREADY OUT! Imagine that!

His debut, Broken Love Letter, garnered much critical acclaim (and some insignificant acclaim), including over 20 positive reviews and a handful of internet and print based features, including Urb's Next 100, and features in Boston's Weekly Dig and the Boston Phoenix, and more. Also, I put his poster on my bedroom ceiling so...

His latest album, produced is entirely by Thavius Beck, and featuring guest appearances from indie hip-hop luminaries like High Priest (of the newly reuinited Antipop Consortium), Busdriver, Subtitle and Chicago upstart Vyle as well as up-and-coming Los Angeles MCs Nocando (winner of the 2007 Scribble Jam) and Mestizo (projected winner of the yet-to-be-created 2015 Scrabble Jam). We believe this record will continue K-The-I???'s critical and commercial stature, and would like to pitch him for feature press as well as reviews.

To confirm any reviews or set up an interview, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. That's me!


Here is the blurb from our website about sexy, sexy Kiki (K-The-I???)
Mush Records
About Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
K-The-I??? marks a thunderous return to Mush with his latest full-length, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. Production on the album is handled entirely by Thavius Beck, his first project since he finished work on Saul Willaims' Niggy Tardust alongside Trent Reznor. Where his debut, Broken Love Letter, focused on past loves gone wrong, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow is a collection of songs about the MC's cross country relocation, and trying to come to terms with how his life has changed from that. The result is a work of singular focus that catches K-The-I??? at his strongest, dropping ingenious lyrics over Blade Runner beats. The album features a stellar line-up of guest MCs as High Priest of a newly reunited Antipop Consortium, Busdriver, Subtitle, Scribble Jam winner Nocando, Vyle, and Mestizo all drop in. Thavius Beck even leaves the producer's desk and steps in front of the mic for a track. For fans looking for an album that ties hip-hop's past, present and future, K-The-I???'s Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow delivers.
About K-The-I???
Hailing from Cambridge, Mass., but a musical nomad of sorts, K-The-I??? has traversed the USA pushing sonic boundaries with his unique brand of densed-out boom-bap. Armed with a commanding voice and a gritty production aesthetic that recalls Bomb Squad-era Public Enemy and signature Def Jux recordings, he crafts tracks that swell and pulse with an immersive gravity. Making an appearance on Bigg Jus and Orko Eloheem's recent NMS album, Imperial Letters of Protection, K-The-I??? has earned the respect of many of indie hip-hop's elite, including Thavius Beck, who offered to produce his latest full-length. Whether writing epic love letters or harnessing bugged-out electric currents, K-The-I???'s music has a personality and urgency that demands your attention.