LUC FERRARI: Archives Génétiquement Modifiées / Société 2 CD (ROBOT 39)

Robot Records is honored and pleased to present two historic
compositions for the first time on CD by the late, great Luc Ferrari.

The programme opens with "Archives Génétiquement Modifiées"
(Genetically Modified Archives), a work for "memorized sounds"
from 2000. This composition (subtitled: Exploitation of the Concepts 3)
was the third in a series of later pieces in which Mr.Ferrari revisited
aspects of his early concepts and compositional strategies to create
wholly new works. The result here is a very bizarre, sensual, and
beautifully-paced electroacoustic work of aural memories and
(re)collections created by Mr. Ferrari utilizing sounds from his vast
archive of musical activities.

After a short "intermission", the programmecontinues with a true
highlight of Mr.Ferrari's early instrumental workentitled "Société 2"
from 1968. Subtitled "And if the piano were abody of a woman"
(for 4 soloists and 16 instruments), this composition appeared
opposite "Presque Rien" on the legendary Deutsche Grammaphon
LP. "Société 2" may be viewed as an erotically charged piece of
musicaltheatre where the soloists "compete" for the attention of a
woman (the piano).This concerto with its gestures and a fantastic
kaleidescope of styles and color shows the extravagant qualities
of the piano in its "harmony,imagination,and brutality".

Packaged in a full color digipak with 20 page bilingual booklet featuring
Mr. Ferrari's early artwork, notations, and programme notes along with
an extensive commentary by Jim O'Rourke and Jay Sanders.Remastered
sound with audio restoration by fellow INA GRM alumnus Jean Schwarz.
A wonderful glimpe into the world of one of the most legendary,
unique, and inspiring musical figures of the 20th Century.

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