The Caretaker has abandoned darker and hard to grasp memories in favour of an altogether warmer journey which upon exposure invades the very core of your being. This is a very personal album for the listener, pre-soul music from a bygone era which will attack your senses in a way both comfortable and uncomfortable all at once.


There are no titles for the tracklisting; you are encouraged to find your own way through the release, searching for your own reference points. "Deleted scenes..." is:

-a very important artifact and document
-an album for personal introspection
-your own personal and individual soundtrack

It was mastered and cut by the legendary Berlin Dubplates and Mastering team and released by our friends on Belgian based WeMe Le Disque. The cut (as you would expect) has been done beautifully and has been set a little lower volume wise than normal to allow for additional surface noise from vinyl playback over time to individualise your own experience. The release also features artwork by U.K. based artist Guy Denning and will be limited to just three hundred copies for the world.

LP tracklisting:

a/ untitled - 21:39
b/ untitled - 23:26
c/ untitled - 23:30
d/ untitled - 23:05

Pre-orders for "deleted scenes / forgotten dreams" can be placed at:
In addition, special pre-orders are being taken for a signed and numbered copy of this album for just £13, which includes p&p anywhere in the world. Only pre-ordered copies (placed before the release date of April 30th) will be signed and numbered.

To listen to an excerpt from this release, go to:

Visit The Caretaker Microsite for additional information and for further free downloads of older memories.

...and before we forget--the new Fast Lady / Scorpio Scorpio 7" single is also now available for pre-ordering at only £5 a piece (including p&p, as usual):