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Dummy Jim

Now available is music from and inspired by the film of the same name, based on the journal I Cycled Into the Arctic Circle by James Duthie, a profoundly deaf Aberdeenshire man who toured solo on a 3000 mile trip to the far north of Europe in 1951.

More information and a shop for the DVD, CD and other stuff is available at dummyjim.com.

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Other Thunders

Now available on the No-Fi label, this is an album featuring an expanded line-up of The One Ensemble, with bass clarinets and more voices added to the mix. Below is the press release from No-Fi:

Pause for the Jet

Daniel Padden has a solo album now out on the Dekorder label. Its called 'Pause for the Jet' and is available on CD and vinyl.

In addition, Other Thunders by The One Ensemble Orchestra is now finished and due for release in autumn 2008 on the No-Fi label. This album has been a while in coming, being based on material performed live last May 2007 by an expanded 7-piece version of The One Ensemble.

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