Daniel Padden & the One Ensemble

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Albums and Singles

The One Ensemble & Sarah KenchingtonDummy Jim2009CD
The One Ensemble OrchestraOther Thunders2009LP/CD
Daniel PaddenPause for the Jet2008LP/CD
The One EnsembleWayward the Fourth2007LP/CD
Daniel PaddenThe Isaac Storm2006LP
The One Ensembe of Daniel PaddenLive at VPRO Radio2005CD
The One Ensembe of Daniel PaddenThe Owl of Fives2003CD
The One Ensembe of Daniel PaddenThe One Ensembe of Daniel Padden2002CD

Compilation Appearances

Brainwaves2006I am the Brown
Singing at the Moon2006Low Clowns
This Way Up2006We Tumble Each Time We Dance (alternate recording)


Jason & The Argonauts (Visible Fictions 2006)
An all-action production of the Greek myth for ages 9 and above by Visible Fictions.
Harpies theme
Jason sea piece
Jason ship theme
Jason action!
Sleeping dragon

Big Baby (Visible Fictions 2005)
A dark and bizarre morality tale for ages 12 and above by Visible Fictions.
Big Baby lost Big Baby lullaby Happy baby theme

Horsehead (Faulty Optic 2005)
A surreal and macabre production by Faulty Optic.
Horsehead piano
Horsehead burlesque

Jihad (Theatre Insaan 2005)
Jihad kitchen piece


The Ice Plant (dir. Kate Burton 2007)
Ice Plant piece

Me And Her (dir. Sarah Tripp 2006)
A short film set within the fabricated world of an inner city hotel.
Me & Her piece

Half Life (dir. Matt Hulse 2005)
A surreal short film for Animate! by Matt Hulse.
Half Life piano
Half Life lost piano

Original Bob (dir. Zam Salim 2005)
Original Bob Waltz


Black And White (dir. Zam Salim 2006)
A documentary on the work of photojournalist David Gillanders for Artworks Scotland (BBC2), directed by Zam Salim
Black & White piano
Black & White piano idea
Black & White piano 2

Some Distant Day (dir. Vincent Hunter 2004)
An abstract essay on Scottish identity.
Some Distant Day theme
Some Distant Day piece

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