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Tear Garden Releases


Have a Nice Trip2009SubconsciousCD
The Secret Experiment2007SubconsciousCD
Eye Spy with My Little Eye2002SubconsciousCD
Crystal Mass2000NettwerkCD
To Be an Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide1996NettwerkCD
Sheila Liked the Rodeo1993NettwerkCDEP
The Last Man to Fly1992NettwerkCD/CS
Tired Eyes, Slowly Burning1987NettwerkLP/CD/CS
The Tear Garden1986NettwerkEP/CS



Для Тех, Ҡто Прогулялся Бьі С Богами2001BrudeniaCD
Bouquet of Black Orchids1993NettwerkCD

Compilation Appearances


Kollabaris2001Terminal KaleidoscopeBump (version 2)
Kollabaris2001Terminal KaleidoscopeGeorgie (version 2)
Kollabaris2001Terminal Kaleidoscopeextract from the Empathy session
Kollabaris2001Terminal KaleidoscopeMessage 3
Wild Planet2000SubconsciousThings That Go Bump in the Night
Paradigm Shift1997SubconsciousGeorgie the Parasite
Paradigm Shift1997SubconsciousMessage 3

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