Current 93 and Durtro announces release schedule for 2005/6

In a lengthy update for, David Michael Tibet of Current 93 dispenses quite a bit of information on upcoming plans for the group and for the label, including a very ambitious release schedule and a possible Nurse With Wound concert to happen in the summer of 2006.  More details after the jump.
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Rare John Balance collaborations to be reissued

One year on from his untimely death, Divine Frequency have announced that they are reissuing some of Jhonn Balance's work from outside Coil. Grief will be released on limited edition 7" picture disc and will feature "Grief" by Tactile and "The Snowman" by Rosa Mundi.
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Coil's "Ape of Naples" escapes its cage... has recently been updated to include information on the imminent release of Coil's final studio album, entitled The Ape of Naples.  At some point in the next week, the album will be available to order from the website, and it should be in your favorite independent record store (if you still have one) by Christmas.  This announcement comes one year almost to the day, after Jhonn Balance's untimely death on November 13, 2004.
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Free Music from Kranky!

The Kranky Free Music Program continues this month with a recently recorded live track from Nudge.  To hear "No Come Back," check out the kranky website.
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Ba Da Bing! To Release Th' Faith Healers Peel Sessions

Ba Da Bing collects four complete Th' Faith Healers sessions from John Peel's legendary radio show.  The CD includes songs never before released, unexpected covers and old favorites from this highly influential and unheralded UK band from the mid-nineties. Out November 15th.
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New round of Coil archives up for auction

As of today, there is a new selection of ZOS23 auctions up on eBay.  According to Ossian Brown, "All these auctions will be ending in 10 days time and contain more signed books, records and special items of interest from the Coil collection. You can either look at the current list by typing in ZOS23 into the e-bay 'search' box or, by doing a  seller search with our e-bay ID name 'rufusinthenorthtower'."
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Intone announces forthcoming RHK releases

Intone, the current umbrella record label Richard H. Kirk (of Cabaret Voltaire) releases music under, has announced fortcoming releases for 2006 including Chapter Two - Live in the Earth by Sandoz in Dub, URP 4 (Unreleased Projects 2003-2005), and an as yet untitled EP for the label Dust Science. 
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New Larsen EP out now on Important

Larsen have just released a new ep on Important Records featuring two ambient (more ambient than usual) tracks with Viking Norwegian producers/musicians/remixers Deathprod and b9 of Origami Galaktika.
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Meat Beat US Tour Date Updates

As many of you have noticed, the promised November dates have not been announced.  Due to a combination of factors (including the havoc wreaked by the recent hurricanes) These South-Southwest dates will be included  in a more comprehensive national tour. Currently Meat Beat Manifesto are looking at dates from mid-February to early March throughout the country including Texas and Florida. More details as soon as these dates are confirmed.
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Shipwreck Radio 2 announced

Colin Potter's ICR Distribution is announcing the second volume of Shipwreck Radio by Nurse With Wound.  The new double CD (in a 6-panel digipak) will be released in early/mid November. As with Volume 1, there will be a special limited edition, for which pre-orders are now being taken. 
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Ba Da Bing! joins Brainwashed

Please join us in welcoming Ba Da Bing! Records to the Brainwashed family.  Ba Da Bing! is one of the most innovative and noteworthy independent record labels with fantastic artists like Landing and Yume Bitsu (scooped up by K records), Six Organs of Admittance (scooped up by Drag City), Comets On Fire (scooped up by Sub Pop), Sons and Daughters (scooped up by Domino), and the Badaboom Gramophone series of books with CD compilations. 
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Richard H. Kirk releases old and exclusive stuff to iTunes

Richard H Kirk, founder member of Cabaret Voltaire  has released selections from his solo catalogue and his Intone label on the iTunes Music Store today. Seventeen rare and hard to find albums are available to download from today on iTunes in the UK, Europe, USA & Canada including the previously unreleased Bit Crackle project.
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Meat Beat Manifesto runs a little off-center

The next Meat Beat Manifesto single, Off-Centre, is scheduled to be released on October 25th. We're sorry but there are still no dates to report for the second leg of the North American tour.
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Throbbing Gristle enters Part Two

According to Chris Carter, "The new TG album is completed, delivered, ready to got into production and is titled: PART TWO It sounds and looks effing fantastic, even if I say so myself. Official worldwide release is January 2006 on Mute Records. The initial pressing will be an extra-special edition. AT LAST we can get on with the new CARTER TUTTI album... Horay!!!" 
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Honk If You Love Noise!

The Official Brainwashed License Plate Frame is now available along with a few other trinkets at the new Brainwashed store at Cafe Press!  Show your Brainwashed Pride!  Why just listen to noise when you can help create it?
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Noise/Girl "Discopathology" completed

Killer Pimp triumphantly resurfaces with the Noise/Girl CD for DiscopathologyDiscopathology is the second release for the Killer Pimp label and features awesome cover artwork from Trevor Brown.  The CD will be released on October 31st (Japan and the UK) and on November 1st (US), however pre-orders are available now in the Brainwashed Commerce section. 
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Merzbow's muse Minazo dies at Japan aquarium

Minazou, Japan's only male Elephant Seal in captivity, died recently at the young (for an elephant seal) age of 11. He was the inspiration for Merzbow's 2002 album Merzbeat, the flagship album in the on-going Merz-Series on Important. He was also the album's cover star and the subject of numerous photographs, paintings and postcards made by Masami Akita.  It's certainly a sad time for Masami and Jenny Akita as they were obviously quite charmed by Minazo and made frequent trips to the aquarium to visit Minazo.  Photos and links to a couple of great photo sites of this tremendous animal on Important's news page.
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LPD and related CDs and DVD now available

The whole lot of fall releases from The Legendary Pink Dots, Edward Ka-Spel and the Silverman are now available for mail order direct from Beta-Lactam Ring Records in Portland.
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KrankyKast launches!

Kranky has launched their first Podcast!  The KrankyKast is included in the Brainwashed Podcast RSS XML file so if you've got it hooked up to your iTunes, all you need to do is hit "update" and you'll now get the KrankyKast in addition to your regular Brainwashed Podcast.  The KrankyKast is going to shoot for some sort of regularity of approximately once per month.  Tune in now to hear the pilot episode which features songs from the latest releases.
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Current 93 Release "Secret" 3" CD Single

David Michael (formerly Tibet) and Current 93 have secreted out a 3" CD single completely under the radar screen.  Though the CD is credited to a group called Black Ships and is entitled Black Ship Time, it is unmistakably the work of Current 93.  It was released on September 17th as part of the Hand/Eye label's Folklore of the Moon subscription series.  Other artists in the series include In Gowan Ring, Kawabata Makoto and Martyn Bates.
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